Write a story for each of the remaining graphs above. At this point in the chapter view this as unit rate. Find and describe the rate of change for this relationship. The steeper the line, the more expensive it is per hour. By talking with one another they can analyze different triangles and discuss the proportionality that exists between them. I can make a graph that shows Jeff s savings. Which equation below is the best choice to describe the distance Torah travels after x seconds.

Is it possible to still describe the rate at which Kelly drives? There are examples and repetition in practice in each lesson and homework. Understand how a linear relationship grows as related to rate of change and show how that growth can be seen in each of the representations. Describe in your own words what a linear relationship is composed of. How does the number of blocks n in stage 0 relate to the simplified form of your rule?

Students will most likely find the number of blocks in stage 10 28 by adding 3 until they reach stage 10 or creating a sequence or table. This means that she will need 3 or 1.

2.3j Class Activity: Use Dilations and Proportionality to Derive the Equation y = mx + b

Agatha s relationship is proportional because a proportional constant of 2 relates the number 1 of bags of popcorn she sells to the amount of money she makes. It is correct to say the plane is descending at a rate of feet per mile OR that the rate of change is feet per mile.


The graph below represents the girls trips to camp. Kelly also travels 60 mph, she just lives 80 miles closer to camp. Analyze Proportional Relationships Section Overview: You are two other students were sitting in the room completing a test you had missed.

2.2a homework connect the rule to the pattern

Modeling is a huge part of this chapter. The graph below shows the distance a cat is from his bowl of milk over time. Complete the table and graph to show how many coins Courtney will have after 6 weeks. Students move fluently between the representations of a linear relationship and make connections between the representations.

Why do you want this run depth?

According to the graph it will take 6 miles to reach the ground. In many cases, a function can only model data up to a certain point.

Many Class Activity problems involve hands-on activities or models.

2.2a homework connect the rule to the pattern

Use what you learned above to see if you can write an equation that represents each girl s distance y from Grace s house after x hours. Partial Understanding 2 I can find the unit rate for only one relationship.

Draw the figure at stage 5 in the space above. On the graph on the previous page draw a connecting line from the origin 0,0 and through the tip of each stair step. Graph and connect the ordered pairs 0,00,43, 0and 3,4.


Chapter 2 – Student Workbook

They recognize that a proportional relationship can be represented with a straight line that goes through the origin and compare proportional relationships represented in many ways. Make a graph university of iowa thesis repository a proportional relationship.

Below is a table of how much money Rachel earns on her paper route. This is a tricky one! The cat travels 3 feet per second. Sufficient Mastery 3 I can make all the different representations of a linear pattern but I don t know how they are connected.

Context Table Answers will vary. Transformations are integrated into the study of slope by looking at the proportionality exhibited by dilations.

2.2a homework connect the rule to the pattern

The cost to buy salt by the pound is less than sugar and flour. Draw a line that could possibly represent her speed.

2.2a homework connect the rule to the pattern

Explain what would happen to the slope of the line for connecg stairs if the rise of your stairs was higher or lower? While you discus the Rate of Change definition in the box above, you can show the Grace: How tall will each step be? Getting into a pattern will help your researching diabetes. Explain your reasoning for your choice above.