Because of the shame of getting “kicked out” of the dance club, I was tempted to just give up dancing. Also, if you have time to go to the CR, might as well bring this…just in case. I cannot fully emphasize how important it is to get enough practice well before the ACET rolls around. I realized that my words really do mean something. I am happy that I took the first bold step and mustered all the courage I had and posted my first blog post in spite of my disposition at that time. Hope you can answer my question.

I hug the trees that line Baywalk. This time, it seemed like I was writing an essay for the first time and I did not know how to start. To be honest, the ACET was the only entrance test I got serious and studied for though I did pass 3 out of the four other schools I took a test for. We all make decisions that we later regret. Good luck, schoolmate that wants to pass the ACET!!! Rest your brain on the day before the test, and get enough sleep. There are mainly 3 parts:

My Ateneo Application Personal Essay | i am the rampage

Who sat beside who? I am always on the verge of epiphany. My senses are wide awake to every sweetness and bitterness of life. To be an Atenean, you must, of course, need to enroll for it.

Yup, judging from this, no one gets the same essay question I mean, it probably depends on the venue or time. When I lie in bed, I question the meaning of my existence. S ome things take a year or two before you can get it right. I want to change the world. I refuse to be a conforming drone in a sea of non-individuality and anonymity. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


If you like reading a lot then you may not have a really hard time here. Would it be wiser to focus more on the Math and Statistics or the Science aspects in the test? What do you think are my chances of getting in ateneo? I took summer review classes and guessed my way through math.

ACET Essay Portion Tips

Since this was part of the requirement, I thought I had the slimmest chance to get in. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

It was something I dreamed of for quite a long time but I did not know if I was cut out for it due to the fear I harbored; an imagined fear; a fear that crippled my ability to trust in myself; a fear that destroyed my self-confidence; a fear that was, in the end, dispelled by the act of writing that first blog post. Email required Address never made public.

acet essay tips

I saunter the shores. The future awaits, and the next page is about to unfold. Six years ago, I was a senior high school student going through a very difficult time in my life. All the subtests weigh the same in the ACET.


ACET Essay Portion Tips

This time, it seemed like I was writing an essay for the first time and I did not know how to start. I became so fond of spending my time and allowance on computer games that I ended up missing trainings and practices.

Most importantly, never stop writing.

acet essay tips

I was typing yearbook entries all day and my fingers were acst to feel numb. Tell me about it when you do. Ria Kristine Yanela says: You’re probably not the only person who does. I believe in miracles. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Acey, here are a few things for a few things that you test-takers should bear in mind for every entrance exam, and this may also apply to other tests as well. Have him or her give you an essay question about any topic. A lot of people hated me and talked about me behind my back.