If you wish to use quotations, quote phrases from book or journals in order to analyse them, and quote writers if they express particularly well what you want to say, or if they are making a controversial point that you wish to take up. The TARA programme comprises a total of 8 taught module blocks, divided into 6 compulsory and 2 out of 3 optional module blocks, as well as a dissertation. Note that discussion is often quite difficult to write. This plan explains the mechanisms and structures of support for IfE post-graduate taught students. In accordance with SR There may be some evidence of poor academic practice. Provides evidence of clarity, focus and cogency in communication.

Demonstrates exceptional ability in the appropriate use of the relevant literature, theory, methodologies, practices, tools, etc. Quotations are an integral part of most essay writing. It must be emphasised that projects involving analysis of secondary data sources eg. All dissertations, after being marked and moderated internally, are read by the External Examiner to confirm the final grades. Grades for each module block are moderated internally by a module block moderator who is normally not a member of the teaching staff of that module block, and grades finalised. Formal teaching sessions will take place in Term 1 12 weeks long and in Term 2 12 weeks long.

Supporting evidence you submit should confirm the following: Social media brings new interaction between the company, employees, and customers Gillin, and this information which is generated from the interaction leads to the implementation of new knowledge for Adidas Group to apply to its business model.

The SuSED programme comprises a total of 8 taught blocks, divided into 6 compulsory study blocks, 8 compulsory assessment blocks and 2 out of 7 optional modular blocks, as well as a dissertation.

To promote and enhance effective, innovative and efficient learning and teaching in relation to the programme sincluding the dissemination of best practice in relation to all aspects of the student experience. You are reminded that all mitigating circumstances claims should be submitted to your School office as close as possible to the time that the circumstances occurred, and no later than seven days after the assessment affected.

Through Miadidas customization, Adidas reaches its goal to foster the personal interaction with the end-customers Adidas, The Appeals and Complaints section of the University website contains more detailed information, as well as the Academic Appeals form.


Every marathon begins with the first stride.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

Adidas launches gaming platform powered by social media starring Lionel Messi. Your opinions and suggestions are valued and play a major role during the annual monitoring and review AMR process. Demonstrates exceptional ability in the appropriate use of the relevant literature, theory, methodologies, practices, tools, etc.

brunel coursework submission

The Term dates, showing vacation and examination periods, can be found in Appendix 1. However, it is good academic practice that they should be used judiciously and not so frequently so as to render the assessment into a disjointed piece of work, characterised by excessively short paragraphs.

Attendance lists allow IfE staff to assemble information about attendance that goes far beyond the ten engagement points, since it applies to all students and allows us to know if any particular student is missing classes.

In most cases the proposal then becomes the research project of the dissertation, but in some cases the proposal does not lead to a dissertation project, and a new project will be developed for the dissertation.

This is the most obvious case; 63 2. Harvard Business Review Press. Although you are only required to attend one sometimes two days per week, you must submizsion provision to have time to spend doing the coursework. You can access this page via http: However, there are other forms of academic misconduct that are just as serious, and carry the same penalties if proven: The speedboat project model concentrated in Adidas as company to engage with customer with minimal budget to improve internal collaboration, courseqork, two-way communication, and knowledge management through its communication channels Kuhna, The supervisor along with the student must ensure that the outline sugmission is approved by the programme leader prior to commencement and that the ethics checklist and risk assessment are completed see Appendices 11 and If your mitigating circumstances are related to illness or other medical condition, please read, and follow the brnuel in, sections I understand that to give false information could result in disciplinary action against me in accordance with Senate Regulation 6.


Student Handbook – Brunel University

Global social media such as Facebook and Twitter has been used couraework almost three-quarters of the Fortune Global firms Burson-Marsteller, Grades will not normally be assigned by Boards in this manner in assessment blocks totalling more than one third of the credits at any given Level; 53 c where a student is discontinuing with a programme submiswion neither a new attempt nor the assigning of a grade is appropriate or possible, the Board may assign a grade P in element s of assessment in order to enable a student to achieve an aegrotat award of a CertHE, DipHE or an unclassified degree award.

Institute for the Environment IfE.

Appealing against the outcome of your final award A student who is in the final year of study or who has been examined and awarded in the case of a research degree, who wishes to appeal against the outcome submossion the decision to make their final award must indicate their intention to do so before the date of their degree congregation.

Factors that will be considered include: The level of detail, and of review of relevant literature discussing previous work in relation to the chosen topic.


Abstracts must be identified as such. The Regulation is also available on the Brunel website and can be found at http: Bullet points might help if you have a large number of conclusions.

brunel coursework submission

In the case of students under Tier 4 regulations, if attendance is not complying with requirements, students will be contacted in writing by letter and email, requesting a response within 10 days of the date of the zubmission and email.

If, after reassessment, you still do not meet the minimum requirement for the award of a Masters degree you may be eligible for a lower award see ‘Other awards’, below.