Fundamental Types Appendix D. It is important to identify cost and benefit factors, which can be categorized as follows: The discipline of quantitatively describing the main features of a collection of data. With candor and pleasure I take opportunity to express my sincere thanks and obligation to Dr. And can issue them to the employee we want to and can fix it to them. The user can also choose to register and thus become a regular member of the ticketing system. John Smith social security number:

Sentence 10 Each airport serves one or more cities Airport, City. The compiler would generate errors in lines 56, 57 and 60, because getBaseSalary and setBaseSalary are not superclass methods and cannot be invoked on a superclass variable. Under such a system, another challenge to management was quick generation of reports pertaining to the big number of employee base. So the project should be complete within affixed schedule time as far as the organization is concerned. Since the lower the amount of data is inputted, there are fewer opportunities for the error to occur. Figure Confirmation message after insert or update Note:

It can payrolo operated very easily. Source documents may be entered into the system from punch cards, from diskettes, or even directly through the keyboard.

case study for payroll system in ooad

Employee Manager Office Workers Production Workers Identify class hierarchy Identify commonality among the classes Draw the general-specific class hierarchy. The name of Java source file is not arbitrary; it must be the same as payrpll name of the public class defined in each file. All organization is required to produce a certain amount of reports and forms as required by law.

The software built to generate individual pay slip and summary of studh payroll.

Case study for payroll system in ooad – payroll system in ooad lab pdf

A flight may involve stopovers in airports. With candor and pleasure I take opportunity to express my sincere thanks and obligation to Dr. It is important to identify cost and benefit factors, which can be categorized as follows: Variables do not have to be declared and they can hold any type of object.


Outputs of stuy system can take different forms. In this example, we use an abstract class and polymorphism to perform payroll calculations based on the type of employee. Function print in class Employee displays the first name, last name and social security number of the employee. White box testing is also called white box analysis, clear box testing or clear box analysis.

This is a nice example of code reuse. Class HourlyEmployee ‘s get functions are implemented in lines and We do not list base class Employee ‘s get and set functions because they are not overridden in any of the derived classeseach of these functions is inherited and used “as is” by each of the derived classes. We maintain an array sttudy Employee variables, each of which holds a reference to an Employee object of course, there cannot be Syudy objects because Employee is an cor class—because of inheritance, however, all objects of all subclasses of Employee may nevertheless be thought of as Employee objects.

Each of the first four sections implements one of the concrete classes. Clients expect a graphical interface in an application.

The most complaint is that production takes too much time and costs too much money. Cwse study for payroll system in ooadreview Rating: Each local conceptual data model is made up of entity types, relationship types, attributes and their domains, primary keys and integrity constraints. As mentioned previously, the SRS serves as the parent document to subsequent software design specification and statement of work.


All virtual function calls to print and earnings are resolved at runtime with dynamic binding.

Case study for payroll system in ooad

The use of prof option of the interpreter with the command. Unit testing is a software development process that involves synchronized application of a broad spectrum of defect prevention and detection strategies in order to reduce software development risks, time, and costs.

case study for payroll system in ooad

The program iterates through the vector and calls function earnings for each Employee object. In reality, however, the problem essay modest proposal jonathan swift the peaks rather than the average.

With this method regions enter and send data weekly, and the head office enters weekly, without waiting until the end of the month.

Case study object oriented analysis and design of payroll system.

Imagesweb components, helper classes and libraries. A fast response time in obtaining and providing information to the system may stdy prove to be a significant advantage.

case study for payroll system in ooad

Now that you have seen a complete application that processes diverse subclass objects polymorphically, we summarize what you can and cannot do with superclass and subclass objects and variables. We defined them as virtual in base class Employeeso they remain virtual functions throughout the class hierarchy.

The analysis must accurately weigh the cost versus benefits before taking an action.