Both Hayes and Wheelwright’s stage 4 of their fourstage model and the concept of operations ‘driving’ strategy not only imply that it is possible for operations to take such a leading role but are explicit in seeing it as a ‘good thing’. The hotel is very careful never to compromise the quality of its service in order to cut costs. This could potentially reduce the percentage of mis-packed items from 0. Newer Post Older Post Home. In addition, staffs need to seek to obtain and reserve for the appropriate talent. Most of all, though, quality is We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

The main benefit of speedy delivery of goods and services to the operation’s external customers lies in the way it enhances the operation’s offering to the customer. Materials and production equipment will be bought from the same suppliers which can make the similar conception to the quality and inventory control. All of which means that TNT Operations management is a ‘make or break’ activity 2A Express must continually update its network of air, road and sortation facilities and perfect the seamless integration of all its processes. Input costs may be high, but the operation itself is good at converting them to goods and services. To conclude, even though Penang Mutiara managed to maintain its competitiveness with their current strategy in the short run, however it is not sufficient to remain competitiveness due to volatile market demand. Second, what are its specific performance objectives?

Customer satisfaction will be important as reflects on the strength on company products, brand and services. For example, if guests have been to the hotel before, staff avoid their having to repeat the information they gave on the previous visit. Internal customers will judge each other’s performance partly by how reliable the other processes are in delivering material or information on time.

What do you think are the external advantages and disadvantages of this to the stakeholders of the operation? Participation by all levels of staff should be encourage to provide feedback and suggestions to improvise operations and services since they are the people who have the most contact and are in direct contact with mutiarw customers.


If the team needs to make a short-term adjustment to the planned mutaira, the news studio’s technology allows the editors to take broadcasts live from journalists at their locations, on satellite ‘takes’, directly into the programme.

Flexible operations adapt to changing circumstances quickly and without disrupting the rest of the casse.

With ISOorganization can determine the cause of the problem and find out the solution. Implementing business strategy Operations should implement strategy The most hhe role of operations is to implement strategy.

The NC service is a door-to-door collection service which, at a fixed time every week, collects old newspapers which householders have placed in reusable plastic bags at their gate. They are the ones who knows customers demands and are able thhe receive immediate feedback and valuable responses which are necessary for continuous improvement.

The difference between the two measures is explained in terms of the distinction between the cost of the inputs to the operation and the way the operation is managed to convert inputs into outputs. For such a plant, think about how each performance objective can affect the others within the operation.

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Step 1 – Look again at the figures in the chapter which illustrate the meaning of each performance objective for the four operations. All operations are increasingly concerned with cutting out waste, whether it is waste of materials, waste of staff pejang or waste through the under-utilization of facilities.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

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Currently the proofreaders check 15 manuscripts every week between them. It is inward-looking psnang, at best, reactive with very little positive to contribute towards competitive success. This amounts to 12, items per year. It reduces cost for Mutiara due to it is fewer the chance to make mistakes.

The extent to which an operations function fulfils these roles, together with its aspirations, can be used to judge the operations function’s contribution to the organization. Cost Part One Introduction 8. If the total throughput time for the door panel is six weeks, door panels are being processed through their first operation six weeks before they reach their final destination.


Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara

In addition, technology allows them the flexibility to achieve dependability, even when news stories break just before transmission. In the stage I, manufacturing will consider to be internally neutral. Advanced Consider the automobile plant illustrated in various figures throughout the chapter.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

Flexibility – relatively little flexibility is required by the NC service – every week collections are the same with perhaps some minor variation in volume; however, penany GR service has to cope with a wide range of recycling tasks at whatever volume customers demand. Chapter 2 The strategic role and objectives of operations Analysis Quality – is important for both services because failure to conform to what customers expect would diminish thf faith in the virtue of recycling.

Each employee works 35 hours per week. An empty bag is left for the householders to use for the next collection. Secondly, Total quality management, which is concerned with the continuous improvement of all aspects of operations performance, can also be adopted to continually meet and exceed unanticipating expectations of customers.

Speed reduces inventories For Mutilate, reducing inventories mean increasing the utilization of rooms and restaurants that fast cleaning and preparing the available rooms and dinner tables for objcetives customers adds revenue for organization, and improving the efficient of working. The five performance objectives Broad stakeholder a form the backdrop to operations decision making, but operations requires a more tightly defined set of objectives that relates specifically to its basic task of satisfying customer requirements.

Part One Introduction Polar representation A useful ogjectives of representing the relative importance of performance objectives for a product or service is shown in Figure 2.