This course will cultivate these practices, show how they grow organically out of a love for reading and writing, and demonstrate how they are skills that are in great demand in a wide range of creative workplaces. In this module you will develop an understanding of representations of the body in Renaissance Literature. Recent graduates have taken up jobs at the BBC and in art therapy. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” is undoubtedly one of the key Modernist texts. Yet round about us, all the time, we hear of one kind of enthusiastic ‘modernization’ or another.

Whether you need support with your health or practical advice on budgeting or finding part-time work, we can help. How involved is and should the first be with the second? You will develop your understanding of, and ability in, contemporary poetry beyond first-degree level. Although many of our students go on to further study in literature and other fields, skills such as research, presentation, teamwork, negotiation and communication will prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities. Pearson Test of English:

Rather than provide a survey of the field of postcolonial studies, this module aims at engaging the recent debates in postcolonial writing, theory and criticism.

creative writing portfolio royal holloway

Accommodation Heading to university is exciting. Discover new interests and enjoy existing ones. Dr Nick Pierpan The first term will focus on a series of dramaturgical elements, looking at the way that these elements are exemplified in various set texts and trying to develop them through writing exercises.

creative writing portfolio royal holloway

Research institutes and centres. For the last few weeks of the second term, students will be concentrating on their own short, single-authored plays, and we will revisit issues of structure, style, language and creayive. Non-dramatic texts about witchcraft are also included for study, including news pamphlets, works by learned contemporaries expressing their opinions about witchcraft, and popular ballads.


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creative writing portfolio royal holloway

Explore our Virtual Experience. Our history Royal Holloway began as two pioneering colleges for the education of women in the 19th century, and their spirit lives on today 1.

You will learn how to locate and refine your personal poetics, and how to develop a poem to its fullest potential. Dr Prue Bussey-Chamberlain This course will hoploway New Narrative writers, in order to understand the historical formation of the holpoway and why it has received renewed critical attention within this contemporary moment.

Working with us We work with government bodies, businesses, and charities, and are always looking for new oortfolio opportunities 1. Attention will be paid throughout this module to the often inventive and unpredictable ways in which medieval romance works to articulate specific historical and cultural anxieties.

We work with government bodies, businesses, and charities, and are always looking for new collaborative opportunities. You will learn to use diverse critical and theoretical approaches and consider topics including bodily metamorphosis, foreign bodies and gendered bodies.

Past students have come from a range of first-degree backgrounds.

Creative Writing Modules

The course seeks to pick up on the grounding in the theory and practice of creative writing students acquired in their first year. Learning to write creatively and critically analyse in tandem, you’ll be exposed to a huge variety of literature while you develop your own writing practice. Part Time Students Part-time students attend both Supplementary Discourses and Reading as a Writer in their first year, and will hand in their work for those modules at the end of the Spring and Summer terms respectively.


From journalism and website creation to advertising and academic publishing — you’ll be able to use the skills you pick up in character, voice, ambiguity, style and cultural context.

In addition to the workshop, you will take modules in Supplementary Discourses and Reading as a Writer.

Creative Writing Modules

In this module you will address the relationship between literature and the visual arts from c. You will also address the rise of the visual as the dominant cultural form of the Victorian period, tracing the development of illustrated media and new visual technologies including photography and early cinema, and the concomitant rise of the new phenomenon of the art critic – the professional interpreter of images – in the s.

Heading to university is exciting. We have no house style, and encourage both experiment and rigour. Royal Holloway today Discover more about who we are today, and our vision for the future 1. Upon successful completion, you may progress on to selected undergraduate degree programmes at Royal Holloway, University of London. Robert Hampson was longlisted for the Forward Prize.

Other students can take a creative writing module in second year designed for non-creative writers: You will be taught how to revise and edit a poem, how to sustain a writing practice, and how to locate your poetry within a broader literary context.

As appropriate, specific topics dialogue, oprtfolio, subtext, etc. New undergraduate prospectus What sense can we make of this?