If these formations are unequal in the way they are distributed among racial groups, then does the test produce racist effects? Following in the theoretical tradition of racial formation theory and critical race theory, we do not subscribe to the belief that racism is solely an intentional act but rather a sociohistorical process that often appears uninten- tional because it is normalized in the social and institutional structures of the United States. In Fall , students only received 1 score, making any score range from 1 to 6. Additionally, the EPT total scores, which is a totaling and averaging of three separate scores i. They can arrange for them to be given at a high school or college in your area. They document the role of race, language, and national identity in writing placement at The Juilliard School. You must present a check or money order on the day of the test, payable to “ETS”.

The CSU dictated a total score of or below as needing remediation. Thus, if these essay scores are any indication of the way that CSU teachers translate the writing competencies that are encapsulated in the writing construct of this test, then these competencies not only match White student writerly dispositions fairly closely White students seem to be the ideal writer in and in , these dispositions also have not changed in the past 30 years. Journal of Educational Measurement, 8 2 , Building , Room Directions. However, the poor per- formance of two groups—African American students and Asian Pacific Islander students—is worth further investigation. When race is treated as an acontextual, fixed characteristic, it becomes a vari- able from which causal explanations can be assigned Zuberi,

English Placement Test (EPT)

Students may take the EPT only once. By looking at racial data from writing assessments, we can expose not only performance differences but also begin to ask what writing constructs reward which groups of students.


In reflecting on the inability of students to pass the WAT, Sternglass writes about her second-language writers: The test is not a condition for admission to the CSU, but it is a condition of enrollment.

This meant that any eseay could receive a score between 2 to The first year writing program and its assessment at California State University, Fresno.

California State University Dominguez Hills – English Placement Test (EPT)

How ETS approaches test- ing. Racial identifications in the United States for various groups may legally change over time e. This turns the EPT into a de facto entrance exam, clearly a purpose that the test was not originally designed for. Could the change in who takes the EPT change the testing environment and its administration at local sites? Consequently, when race is not represented in the data on the EPT essay scores, the results look consistent.

If a student scores low enough, she is mandated to first take an Early Start course in the summer which costs more than semester courses as summer courses are not subsidized by the state before she can begin taking courses at the university. It seems rea- sonable to assume that some of the unidentified test-takers were also White, thus the majority of the test-takers were White Californians.

csu ept essay prompts

It may not be repeated. Cash will not be accepted.

College Entrance Examination Board. Once adjusted for the change in scoring between andthe essay scores are almost identical. Beyond White and Thomas, other researchers have documented how local context, race, and writing assess- ment are deeply interdependent. Race and writing placement at two elite art schools. Considering DSP to place generation esssay.


Because judges were carefully trained on the writing construct i. The basic writing course was populated overwhelmingly by Music stu- dents who were working-class African Americans, international East Asians, and white, U. African American literacies and other non-SEAE literacies are not essa ered in the rubric above or in the scoring of writing.

EPT – English Placement Test

Racial stereotypes and the construction of identity in writing assessment. The way that soci- ety is organized eph structured leads to uneven racial outcomes.

csu ept essay prompts

Mapping race, class and gender—a synthesis of research evidence Report HMI American Council on Education and Praeger. In exploring these questions, our goal is to show the importance of looking at evolving local racial formations and differential affects on those forma- tions by local writing assessments.

Should the EPT be redesigned to accommodate these local conditions? From the s to the s 2nd ed. Like Elbow, we agree that contextualiza- tion helps students and teachers make more sense of assessment.

csu ept essay prompts

Test bias and construct validity. The test may be shown to measure different constructs in different groups or the test may be shown to measure the same construct differently for different groups. You must present a check or money order on the day of the test, payable to “ETS”.

Race, representation, and writing assessment: Although the term Hispanic was introduced on the U.

Performing race, literacy, and masculinity.