For the compilation album, see Curriculum Vitae album. The Roman and now formal name for Switzerland. It seems a bit strange to me when people now try to codify such things. The electric wire, the iron pipe, the street railroad, the daily newspaper, the telephone, the lines of transcontinental traffic by rail and water A CV is generally used when applying for a position in academia, while a resume is generally used when applying for a position in industry, non-profit, and the public sector.

I think above-average is an understatement, if you consider that foreign names in the indices of his latest books are given both in Roman letters and also in their correct native alphabets. Recruitment Business documents Latin words and phrases. Perhaps the ligatures are retained for new editions of mediaeval and renaissance Latin texts. Retrieved 2 June I’ve seen letter forms change because a serif chipped as it was being carved, and I’m sure the same thing happened years ago. Some parts of Asia require applicants’ photos, date of birth, and most recent salary information. Indeed, there are too many works to cite:

Retrieved 27 June Vitze I saw that spelling in your CV, I would write you off as a prat and not give you the job. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Internship and Career Center”.

Resume, RéSumé Or Curriculum Vitae ?

However this is a typographic feature and not part of the spelling. In Old English words use the ligature? I was reading Wikipedia’s page – en.


curriculum vitae ligature

They cut letters a certain way because they’re used to doing that, or because they were taught to do it that way, or because they’re in a hurry or their hand is more comfortable curving a letter a certain way. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Affirmative action Equal pay for women Gender pay gap Glass ceiling. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved from ” https: In English, the plural of the full expression curriculum vitae is seldom used; the plural of curriculum on its own is usually written as “curricula”, [7] rather than the traditional curriculums.

curriculum vitae ligature

The clarity of your resume must prevail over originality. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Recruitment Curriiculum documents Latin words and phrases.

May I see your curriculum vitae?

If you like, in English you can use an ae ligature for all the Latin examples above – though unless you are deliberately going for an old-fashioned effect you risk looking silly. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.

A CV can also be extended to include an extra page for the jobseeker’s publications if these are important for the job. In the s, some applicants provide an electronic text of their CV to employers using emailan online employment website or using a job-oriented social-networking-service websitesuch as LinkedIn.


Curriculum vitae

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Email Required, but never shown. If you’re applying for a job at the Vatican, the rules might be different. In later latin writing, particularly among Christians, there were a host of ligatures for the nomina sacra and particularly in Medieval Latin for endings.

Vitae often aim to be a complete record of someone’s career, and can be extensive. They are more commonly used for the names of historical people, to evoke archaism, or in literal quotations of historical sources. Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Neil – Wouldn’t you concur that Learning Latin is an erudite and cerebral endeavor! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Post-classical Latin regularly used the ae and oe ligatures.