Also if there was such a difference in examiners marks, should it have not gone to a third examiner? It does give me some comfort that on a PhD level, you do tend to have two supervisors, and sometimes access to more, but how often do you see supervisors argue in favour of the student — not often. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You can use table format to compare results of different studies. Follow the recent guidelines for writing thesis as sited in NBE site. There are other books and many different points of view. I made sure I had a third lined up just incase because our department has stories like this too.

Changing title of thesis: Statistical method Specify statistical methods that will be applied in your thesis in details. I had no desire to remake my project into something that suited them- so I had two other academics read it in more closely aligned fields, re-formed a committee and passed easily a few months later. What has surprised me however is how OFTEN I get emails from students who are upset, confused or just plain pissed off. You will receive a Thesis Protocol acceptance letter from NBE and it usually takes 6 months after submission. Legal validity of this disclaimer The information on this website is provided subject to the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. You are commenting using your Google account.

You should always seek advice from the Company before making a decision based on the information contained in this website. You are commenting using your WordPress. Specify statistical methods that were applied in your thesis in details.


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Privacy policy No personal information is required for access to this website. Email required Address never made public. NBE has database of all previous thesis. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. I have a friend this happened to — essentially got addeess 1 and a 3 and ended up having to do minor revisions to the written component. What sehding do when your thesis is rejected by the Unless expressly specified otherwise, any information contained in this website is not and should not be taken as a firm offer to engage into any type of financial transaction.

By having three the situation is resolved more easily.

Must cover most recent research articles in review of srnding. Must correct points that were mentioned in the reply of your previously submitted protocol.

Notify me of new comments via email. It is not necessary that your topic should be on general surgery.

Similarly candidates who shall be appearing in their scheduled June DNB final examination shall be required to submit their thesis by 31st of preceding December. Double check check-list before submitting to NBE.

This site uses cookies. The processes we go through can vary. DNB candidates are required to submit their thesis protocol within 90 days of their joining DNB training.


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I sympathise with these students and at the same time I feel frustrated on their behalf. Feel free to leave a reply below with your valuable opinion. By sending the data to the Company, you accept the privacy policy as stated in the present disclaimer. Also if there was such a difference in examiners marks, should it senfing not axdress to a third examiner? You just need to submit the form as a formality.

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Practice led research is a tricky area. Write the discussion part nicely. If any damage occurs by the use of information presented there, only the author of the respective pages might be liable, not the one who has linked to these pages.

dnb thesis sending address

It was an upsetting experience. Click here Do we need to send soft copy of thesis summary in CD?

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Oh this makes me twitchy. You are commenting using your WordPress. Notify me of new comments via email. My email responses, while personalised, touch on common issues. You can use table format to compare results of different studies.