The nurse is caring for a 6-year-old client admitted with a diagnosis of conjunctivitis. Moments after birth, a neonate of 32 weeks’ gestation develops asphyxia. These emotional changes are common, but the mother may believe that these changes are abnormal. Which signs or symptoms indicate a hydatidiform mole? A client with osteoarthritis has a prescription for Celebrex celecoxib. A client, 30 weeks pregnant, is scheduled for a biophysical profile BPP to evaluate the health of her fetus.

What is the primary cause of this problem during pregnancy? What is the most common finding associated with this antepartum complication? A year-old female’s pregnancy is confirmed at a clinic. Health history findings indicate that the mother drank 3 oz 89 ml or more of alcohol per day throughout pregnancy. Presenting part at a station of -3 Should a baby’s eyes be covered for both the bili-light and the fiber optic blanket? The nurse is teaching a group of prenatal clients about the effects of cigarette smoke on fetal development. Both estrogen and progesterone levels are rising.

ectipic What general safety precautions should be implemented with infants? If glycosuria persists, this may indicate infection 4.

Which of the following indicates that the client has experienced toxicity to this drug? The client is admitted for an open reduction internal fixation of a fractured hip.

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The caloric requirements for quizleet client of normal weight increase by how much during pregnancy? Safety and security well-fitting supportive bra Hydatidiform mole serologic test What is typical of a 4 yr old? What information should the nurse give to this mother regarding breast-feeding success?


The nurse should place the zero of the ecttopic at the:. A client has autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura. Sitting on a soft pillow c.

The gestational sac is implanted outside the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. When the magnesium sulfate is discontinued, which oral drug will probably be prescribed for at-home continuation of the tocolytic effect?

ectopic pregnancy case study quizlet

What is the nurse’s best response? Support from her partner h “1. We report a case of year-old woman with REP.

ectopic pregnancy case study quizlet

A client in the 13th week of pregnancy develops hyperemesis gravidarum. A client with mania is unable to finish her dinner. A uqizlet colostomy is performed on the client with colon cancer.

Ectopic pregnancy: a case study.

Hypertension, edema, proteinuria xk what are three possible causes of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy xl Covering the neonate’s head with a cap xm What is a characteristic of the postterm infant who weighs 7 lb, 12 oz? The nurse is assisting in planning care for a year-old client in the prenatal clinic.

The client will maintain adequate fetal tissue perfusion bh 1. The nurse places her thumb on the muscle inset in the antecubital space and taps the thumb briskly with the reflex hammer. The nurse should teach the client that breast-feeding is effective if: The nurse is aware quizlft the client is stdy what is known as:. Occur during first trimester 2. Which diet selection is lowest in saturated fats?


How is methergine used after birth? Which of the following categories are correctly matched with expected behaviors?

Ectopic pregnancy: a case study.

A client is admitted to the labor and delivery unit complaining of vaginal bleeding with very little discomfort. Her fundal height is 13 cm. Changing positions slowly c. If client if Rh- and has a negative antibody screen, client will need repeat antibody screens and should receive Rh immune globulin at studj weeks’ gestation.

To help her maintain sufficient ptegnancy, the nurse should:. The nurse is discussing posture with a client who’s 18 weeks pregnant. White blood cells in the urine may indicate infection 5. A Clinical Analysis – The Whats typical for a yr old?