So, what makes a good student? In conjunction with World Environment Day I would like to – highlight the issue of conservation. Tins and larger glass jars can be reused for storing other things such as biscuits and sweets. We had lots of fun. The place where we do most of our studying should be quiet and conducive for learning. The sources are large in quantities and free of charge.

A hobby puts your time to good use. How often do we greet our teachers when we meet them along the school corridors? I hope you can write more essays. Pledge – a serious promise. Another practical way to save water is by using a scoop when you are taking your bath instead of using a shower. Despite this, just last week, he went to the rescue of one of the residents in his area although he hardly knew her well.

Rome was not built in a dayso as our attitude towards helping to conserve the environment. Pay someone to write my essay for me Fri Jan 26, On behalf of the residents of Taman Pelita, we would like to express our appreciation to Mr Palavellu for his kindness.

Good Job, Keep it up! We can widen our vocabulary and learn different writing styles. We cart also cut down on waste by reusing bottles, boxes and tins.


Informal Letter to a Friend Example is for outstanding students.

Include other used paper, glass bottles and jar and metal cans. Turn off the tap until you need the water. Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

Although the government has been conducting campaigns to promote public awareness of and increase pledges for organ donation, not many people have come forward to pledge their organs.

This in turn will affect their studies and work performance. We are glad that you are part of our neighbourhood. The view is also magnificent.

Report essay pt3

Geok Liu 5 May at They end up lying to their parents and neglecting their studies. Because of this, we should listen to their advice instead of defying them.

english essay examples pt3

This is some information. Polite – saying ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’ appropriately. I fssay you will take my tips into consideration. The driver of the car that rnglish her was also arrested and charged. She never failed to bring progress to our school. Social networking – system of trying to meet and talk to other people for pleasure.

Newer Post Older Post Home. In conjunction with World Water Day, I would like to present a speech or talk entitled ‘Practical ways to Save Water’ Do you know how precious water is for all living things?


english essay examples pt3

She earned our respect with the excellent example she has shown us on how to achieve success. Another benefit of taking up a hobby is that it helps exwmples stress. Good morning, Mr Kamal, teachers and fellow students. Our teachers stayed back selflessly helped us with our studies and equipping us for the future.

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When you wish to examlles food from restaurants, take along your own containers instead of asking them to pack the food in plastic and Styrofoam containers. Another tip is to steam, bake or grill your food rather than deep-frying them. If you practise courtesy from a young age, it will become a way of life for you.

Good morning to the principle, teachers and fellow students. Make sure you use the correct tense.

They could also neglect their studies if they are always spending time chatting or playing games online. We can do this by attending story-telling sessions in the library. Describe what happened during the flood.