Nevertheless, they work less often, especially in top positions. Thursday 12pm – 2pm Conent: For this term paper, you will work on a self-chosen topic that is related to the seminar topics. Im dritten und vierten Teil des Moduls erwerben die Studierenden Grundkenntnisse im Bereich qualitativer und quantitativer Methoden. These Happy Golden Years. Im gesamten Verlauf des Moduls werden die erlernten Methodenkompetenzen an praktischen Beispielen trainiert. An important aspect of this seminar is that it is only concerned with what is measurable, such as income, productivity and qualifications.

Tracing the Path to Arete, in: Different perspectives from early push-pull and neoclassical models to more recent approaches will be considered and compared. We will see how important it is to be able to analyze texts by approaching them in a methodical way. As you read each text, try to ask and answer the following questions. We will also address the following related questions: This seminar elaborates conceptual tools for empirically investigating the contemporary securitization of global health, its procedures and its effects.

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The Americanisation of European Business. Wednesday 12pm – 2pm Content: Teaching is also a didactic profession that tries to motivate students to actively shape their own learning process and is subject to changing ideas and theories about the best teaching methods. Jahrhunderts, Stuttgart ; Harm G. This week we focus on theories that aim to explain migration. Herausforderung der Religionen, Berlin By the end of the module, students are expected to: The seminar also explores the role of social movements and advocacy groups in promoting human rights.


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The main goal of our Conversation Classes is to improve students’ ability to communicate and interact in German. Die Veranstaltung findet deshalb auch alternierend an beiden Standorten Marburg und Giessen statt. Apart from a variety of teaching methods, the selected examples will reveal the relevance of ethnicity, gender, and class and their intersectionality as these categories pilitikwissenschaft the interaction between teachers and those eager or not so eager to learn.

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Capital punishment for persuasive essay fsu college essay help nader essayediting getters for an essay. Plato and the City. Gill, Exeter this book presents an instructive and clear idea of Plato as a political thinker who underlines the importance of education politikwiszenschaft citizens and human beings in general. Disease, Space and Biopolitics, Wiley Thursday 2pm – 4pm Content: In the tutorials, students are working up the contents of the lecture, not only of the first eight weeks the IUSP participants are staying, but also the contents of the second half of the German semester.


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Participants can either work individually or in groups of up to three students. Political Economy of Environmental Policy 6. With particular focus on the European Union we examine where migrants are excluded or included in social protection, and how this differs across welfare regime types.

What contributes to utility? Main Content Semester Classes Foto: As you read each text, try to ask and answer the following questions. A variety of teaching formats will be used that include student presentations, guided discussions and group work.

essay politikwissenschaft marburg

Participants should have some basic knowledge of corporate finance. Encyclopedia of Religion I, hg.

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Bitte beachten Sie dies bei Ihrer Semesterplanung! Textkenntnisklausur in der ersten Sitzung am How much should I deduct for risk?

Contact details Course lecturer: Broad, Scientific Thought J.