Month Sales in Units AB January 1, 2, February 1, 2, March 1, 2, April 2, 2, May 2, 1, June 2, 1, July 2, 1, No work in process inventory has been estimated in any moth however finished goods inventory shall be on hand equal to half the sales to the next month, in each month. Required Produce a revised costing schedule for the special project based on relevant costing principles. Which of the following is the cost of goods to be produced? Costs for special order Notes Rs. What is the EOQ for soda? What is the Net profit per unit under Absorption costing method. Prepare a production budget for second quarter of year.

Cash budget for the month of May Opening balance of cash Rs. The use of a single blanket rate makes the apportionment of overhead costs unnecessary since the total production costs are to be used. Costs for special order Notes Rs. Download mgt final term 1. Chemical A can be sold at split off while chemical B currently cost Rs. Keeping in view the Sales level, our total cost will be equal to which of the following? Download mgt final term 2.

A function may refer to a department or a process. Download IT Past Papers. Other sub-contractors who are skilled in the special order techniques are ifnal available to work on the special order.


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Variable costs associated with each unit were Rs. What would be the decision?

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These will be incurred regardless of the decision. How much was the per-unit contribution margin? Using the average cost method, what are the equivalent units of silentlips gmail.

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The firm receives other income of Rs. We have huge range of mgt virtual university past papers available to download.

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During the month, 50, units were transferred out. The per-unit fixed cost would decline as production increased. The numbers of equivalent units as to material, using FIFO method would be: Accounting treatment paaper By-Product: Functional budgets frequently include the following: She has asked her inexperienced silentlips gmail.

final term paper mgt402

Please Click below mgt past papers to download:. This method recalculates the average cost of inventory held each time a new delivery is received. The company currently producing product S the standard cost details of which are given below: Prepare direct Labor budget cost for the last quarter of the year.

Prepare a production budget for second quarter of year.


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Download mgt final term 5. Given this information, what is the expected cost of goods sold for the next period? And we are considering only current in process.

How would these changes affect the break-even point? Forecasts for first 7 months is as under: Download mgt final term 6. The variable cost for each unit is Rs.

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What is the required production? Download CS Past Papers. The ending inventory of sand this year is expected to bepounds, and the desired ending inventory next year ispounds. There was no opening and closing Work- in process.

If Jones uses weighted average, what are the equivalent units of production for direct material and conversion costs? Material is added at the end of the process and conversion costs are added uniformly throughout the process. It takes 5 pounds of sand to produce one bottle.