Ranitidine hydrochloride was used as the active ingredient. Multiple unit type of floating II. The duration of time the dosage form constantly remained on the surface was determined as the total floating time. Indigestible solids larger than the pyloric opening are propelled back and several phases of myoelectric activity take place when the pyloric opening increases in size during the housekeeping wave and allows the sweeping of the indigestible solids. Attempts are being Nikita Dixit Nagaji Institute of Pharmaceutical made to develop a controlled drug delivery system that can provide therapeutically effective plasma drug Sciences, Gwalior, CP Colony concentration levels for longer durations, thereby reducing the dosing frequency and minimizing Gwalior, MP, India fluctuations in plasma drug concentration at steady state by delivering drug in a controlled and Email:

Site specific drug delievery systems: The concentration of top layer of hydrophilic polymer is a critical factor governing the release pattern, increase in the concentration increased lag time and delay the release. Results and Discussion 4. One of such difficulties is the ability to confine the dosage form in the desired area of the gastrointestinal tract. These are less likely to be expelled from units were had a longer gastric residence time for small and the stomach compared with the nonfloating units, which lie in the medium units while no significant difference was seen between the antrum region and are propelled by the peristaltic waves. US patent 3 Preparation of sustained- release matrix tablets of aspirin with ethylcellulose, eudragit RS and eudragit S and studying the release profiles and their sensitivity to tablet hardness.

At every 30 min interval the microscopic slide is withdrawn from the dissolution beaker with the help of the thread tied to the slides.

Design and evaluation of sustained release floating tablets for the treatment of gastric ulcers.

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

The lag time in such formulation is controlled by the time needed for the plug removal and its pulsaile depends on the physical, chemical nature, size and position of the plug. Moursy NM et al. Formulation and forming agents Int.


Int J Drug Deliv. A comparison of four international gastrointestinal tract.

Pulsatile Drug Delivery System Thesis –

Quantification of Water Uptake For studying the water uptake the dissolution beakers are marked with time points 0. Drug Facts and Comparisons. The study involves the use of novel polymer like PEO, having high degree of swelling and controlled release properties, for gastroretention while employing the simple method of dry granulation for preparing the gastroretentive tablets of ranitidine hydrochloride.

Phase I Basal phase lasts from 40 to 60 minutes with rare gastric contents 1. The formulations were prepared by wet granulation method. The controlled, slow delivery et al. The tablet would floats only when its density was less than that of gastric fluid 1.

Pulsatile Drug Delivery System Thesis

Roy P, Shahiwala A. It can be concluded from the study that formulation has good flow property and can be compressed into a tablet which meets all the requirements.

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

The C-C-H of the type which is part of the ring structure of the sugar or C-C-H of the alkyl residue attached to the hydroxyl group are noticed at cm -1 and cm -1 respectively. It is also reported that oral treatment of deug disorders with an H 2 -receptor antagonist like ranitidine or famotidine, used in combination with antacids, promotes local delivery of these drugs to the receptor of the parietal cell wall.

Stereomicroscopic images of SA9 formulation.

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Based on these approaches, floating drug delivery systems seems to be pulsaatile promising delivery systems for control release of drugs. The results of this study are consistent with findings in a previous report by Enayatifard et al.

The dissolution apparatus usp labindia disso was calculated time required to float the HBS dosage form is noted as floating as per the following formula Ferdous Khan et al.


To perform these studies, floating and nonfloating capsules of 3 different sizes Drugs which have site-specific absorption in the stomach or upper having a diameter of 4. Cook JD et al. Sodium bicarbonate at the level of 20 mg per tablet showed a floating lag time of 83 to seconds. Stereomicroscopic Studies The prepared tablet thesiw three component insoluble polymer layer at the bottom and surrounding the core tablet, core tablet at the centre and hydrophilic swellable polymer at the top.

Dry substance content dimensional changes could be measured in terms of the increase in 6. On the other hand an insoluble plug and semi permeable capsule body containing active ingredient is also used, the influx of water into capsule would lead to surge in its internal pressure ultimately resulting in plug expulsion and drug celivery as in[6]. Visual observation indicates formation of a gel layer at the top of the tablet when exposed to liquid, formulation SA9 exhibited higher extent of swelling in comparison of other two formulations.

Three level determined from preliminary studies of each variable are selected and totally 9 batches are prepared Table 1. Local delivery of these drugs also increases the stomach wall receptor site bioavailability and increases the efficacy of drugs to reduce acid secretion. Effects of polymer type, polymer: A technical note, AAPS It was gastric emptying rate. Top Cover Layer Expansion The purpose of this study is to observe the top cover layer expansion and correlate floaitng the lag time and drug release of the formulation.

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis