One part is paid by your Honours allowance as described. Then check which of the top 5 journals found in your own reference list that fulfills the requirements: Make these contacts as soon as dates for a seminar are made public. Submit Thesis for assessment and grading. Read information for applicants and start to write your pre-Honours application. It is OK to outsource transcription if you can find funding for the cost. This is our match-making website where researchers put up research opportunities.

You now have a list of journals that are suitable candidates for submission. Hence, important that you give priority to this early. Enrolment will need to be finalised by 8th of January. It also has two seminars Entry and Exit seminar and submission of three components: Bachelor of Medical Science with Honours.

honours thesis jcu

What is their motivation to support you during a long time? The pre-Honours application should outline the planned project and be signed off by advisors for the project.

The Honours program coordinator. Students having a credit could do a side-entry application.

JCU CMD – The Honours program | James Cook University

At least one advisor must have some formal affiliation to JCU. The hhesis is that the student submits the ethics application or push other aspects of the project too late. More importantly, Honours is likely to change your perception of knowledge and give you some ability to read between the lines in a scientific manuscript. You will find it below.

All students must follow the latest version of the Honours handbook. The anticipated length of the thesis is – 10 words Learning Outcomes Employ the compositional skills required for writing a thesis, including academic article-style organisation showing clarity of style and coherence of argument; Evaluate, analyse and critique a specific area of law in the subject area of the research; Exercise exemplary personal and professional moral and ethical standards in preparing a significant piece of research; Employ advanced legal research skills to complete a complex research project.


Another option is to split your honoura in two files, part yhesis and part two clearly label them so the reviewer easily understand this.

Skip to content Skip to navigation. The reason for this is to ensure you can continue your studies in case the pre-Honours application is not approved.

JCU CMD – The Honours program | James Cook University

In the meantime collect the other signatures. Submit Literature review for assessment and grading. The step by step process can be described as:. A personal profile is necessary to login here nonours access more functionality. The MBBS Honours program aims to allow academic high-achievers to learn about research and undertake research later in their professional career.

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The first session is a full day introductory research seminar. Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Honours Graduate. If you need three advisors to fulfill these requirements and if you can find them then we are happy with you having three advisors.

Course Transfer application for undergraduate students Once you accept your offer for Honours via eStudent you will need to complete a new HECS and SA-Fee thessis before enrolling into all of your subjects for the year. If the bag is lost then everything is lost.


honours thesis jcu

Course Transfer application for undergraduate students Hcu you accept your offer for Honours via eStudent you will need jcj complete a new HECS and SA-Fee form before enrolling into all of your subjects for the year. Band 3 Administered by: Also preferred a statement in what databases this journal is indexed Thomson Reuters Web of Science would be the best one. The seminar will be held simultaneously in Cairns, Darwin, Mackay and Townsville using video-link.

You will enrol in subjects under both courses. They want the publication in their journal to be a unique publication not found elsewhere. Not addressing problems promptly.

The final decision of appointing assessors is made by the Honours program coordinator. It takes time to find a project with advisors and to jointly plan the project in enough detail. The pre-Honours application must be submitted during the year before commencing the Honours program. Consequently the match-making site is hidden unless you jcuu a personal profile and log in. Mr Malcolm Barrett Lecturers: Have course transfer forms returned.