By contracting, the parties shall in particular ensure the legal enforcement of obligations undertaken by their partners, their desire for security would be disappointed and therefore, the contract would lose its value if any change of circumstances allowed a reconsideration of obligations freely assumed State or State-owned Companies as Parties Involvement of states in international commerce is not a recent phenomenon. The application of contractual unpredictability must be rejected after having ascertained that the course of events depended on the will of either party The contracts were governed by the rules of the London Refined Sugar Association. I wish to extend my thanks to the National University of Rwanda and especially to the Faculty of Law for enabling me to accomplish my studies.

Les obligations, Paris, Dalloz, , p. Therefore, I stand to convey my sincere gratitude to those who rendered help in one way or another. If the change in circumstances does not concern contractual hazard, I don’t think it is logical to deprive the aggrieved party the benefit of contractual unpredictability. On the contrary, if the enterprise is treated as the state itself, it shouldn’t be excusatory. Moreover, the threshold of abnormality of the hazard will be as higher as the duration of the contract is extended Protection by the plea of sovereign immunity cannot be given when the state is involved in transactions jure gestionis because then the state acts almost as a private business person.

In most cases, the imprvision would be the lex contractus, the dissretation law of a given country, or the law which is to govern the contract according to the national conflict of laws rules. To provide the arbitrators with prima facie evidence that a subsequent change in law or subsequent act of government came only to provide a solid excuse for non-performance by the state would be probacio diabolica for the private party.

It is both a multilateral trade agreement and an institution that oversees the agreement’s operation. Illustrative here was the case of Brandt v.

Case-law based analysis of contractual unpredictability under rwandan law

Indeed, during the execution of contract, good faith gives rise to the obligation of cooperation The general bias in favour of the freedom of contract and the self-regulated market became 21p. Some contracts were even required to be in a prescribed form and have a prescribed content. In France, in a particular case, the lesion was applied to changed circumstances occurred during the execution of the contract.


imprévision et fait du prince dissertation

Obviously, to reach a decision the arbitral tribunal had to decide on the crucial issue of the close relationship between a Soviet company and the Soviet State. The aim of this discussion is to explore the relation between autonomy of will and supervening illegality as a very sophisticated interaction of private and public interest.

Emond Montgomery Publications Ltd, at 8 Georges Rouhette explains that “[ajutonomous will means a will which determines its rules for itself: Solutions provided by the laws of selected countries will be compared.

Indeed, the court has considered that the hazard was not about the element of the contract In French and Belgian law, the concepts of error and cause allow to apprehend, reasonably satisfactorily, problems relating to mismatches between the present circumstances in the contract and the contractual economy And imprévisuon and historical method helped me to compare laws, decided cases and legal writings from different legal systems before applying them to my research.

Indeed, the sanction which is attached to the force majeure is inadequate. Soviet civil law RSFSR Civil Code imposed numerous limitations in regard to the content of a contract arid provided different classification dissertatjon these limits. In Fibrosa case the facts were as follows. The next chapter provides an exhaustive survey of doctrinal and practical attempts to explain the legal nature and consequences of supervening illegality.

imprévision et fait du prince dissertation

This principle may be subject to d in the case of certain contracts such as dietary contracts. Impréviwion, it was believed that no external control from the legislature or the executive should occur once a contract had been mutually agreed upon. However, these instances of governmental intervention can be unpredictable. An embargo is a complete ban on trade with a certain state and its nationals, or a ban on certain types of transactions related to certain products.


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The principle is based on the old Roman maxim par in parent imperium non habet, meaning that one state could not exercise jurisdiction over another state, and that one state could not be judged by courts of another state. Good faith 15 2. Such clauses stipulate that obtaining appropriate approval from government is a pre-condition of contract formation.

As to the appointment of the tribunal, the supremacy of the principle of party autonomy empowers parties to determine the scope of the jurisdiction of arbitrators. Kluwer Law and Taxation, at 14 21 with companies from developed countries. This is therefore an impossibility of performance as exception to the agreed commitments 4.

To determine the deficit suffered, we will compare the revenue and operating expenses for each exercise. It is the application of the Latin maxim “pacta sunt servanda”.

Abuse of law 17 2. Thus, the French Conseil d’Etat refused to compensate the contractor of administration, which had unilaterally terminated the contract Tallon, Contract Law Today Oxford: Butterworths, 7 “Freedom consists in doing all which does not harm the other; therefore, the exercise of natural rights of each man has no other limits than those which ensure to the other members of society the enjoyment of these same rights.

The duty to cooperate which permits relations between parties to a contract requires that each one inform the other of the content and circumstances that go into the perfect performance of the Contract