English as a Second Language P Attending faculty meetings or conferences does not count as in-class hours. Classroom Observation Task C: Important Dates The Confirmation of Employment COE is created and submitted online within 30 days from the date of hire or on or before: Pages of the Handbook Complete task in shoulder partners.

The superintendent or designated nonpublic school head or leader; and. For mid-year interns, these materials are due on or before December. May 1 for full year interns, December 20 for second semester interns, or no later than two weeks following the final committee meeting, whichever occurs first. Component 1B — Knowledge of Students Student Voice Survey is a measure of the extent to which students perceive that their teacher provides: Committee members should review their particular roles sheet.

Receipt of this degree is not necessary in order to obtain. Intern Portfolio only for interns not successfully completing the internship.

Be based on formative data; Include other student artifacts or evidence; Describe impact of classroom environment and management; Outline any changes to the instructional plan and the reasoning behind the need for change; Explain how the lesson would be modified in the future and a rationale; Identify professional growth needs based on formative assessment data collected.

Special Needs does not mean special education only: Assist the teacher intern with instructional activities such as planning, management techniques, assessment, and parent conferences.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP)

The Instructional Unit What questions or concerns do you anticipate from the intern? Clarifying the connection between the intern s classroom performance and the content of the teacher education program, both to the intern and to the other members of the committee.

By the end of the internship year Examples of appropriate activities: A copy of the checklist must be placed in front of the appropriate cycle of the TPA notebook.


Enter and submit data into the online Resource Teacher Time Sheet or the hard copy of that document if the electronic reporting system is unavailable.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP): Northern Kentucky University, Greater Cincinnati Region

If the teacher intern does not successfully complete the internship during the period of validity of the statement of eligibility, the teacher intern shall requalify for admission to the remaining one 1 year of internship by meeting the requirements in effect at mtip time of reapplication for certification. Handbook pages 8 – 9 When does the committee discuss videotaping?

ktip guide for homework

The operative question is: If homeeork intern s job starts or the committee assignment is made later than the guude of the school year, or if school is closed for an extended period of time, the chairperson of the committee is expected to adjust the timeline accordingly, including the May 1 date. These could include skills related to classroom management, engagement of students, etc. Committee should discuss with the intern ways in which a current project can be extended to include a leadership project.

Be ready to briefly describe your leadership project to another gukde. Clearly articulate stage at which teacher presents pre-assessment — prior knowledge For Learning Objectives, the intern may want to use Learning Targets: Agnew Associate Professor Agricultural Education. Leadership The plan must be approved by the committee before implementation. An kip shall not be established in a classroom designated as an alternative school, classroom or program unless the district superintendent or designated nonpublic school head or leader submits a written request for a waiver to the staff of the Education Professional Standards Board.


Planning My supervisor and I have agreed on performance objectives for More information.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) Committee Training ppt video online download

Registration Forgot your password? Agreement between teacher intern performance records, professional growth plans, beginning teacher committee meeting reports, the teacher performance assessment, and the final decision of the committee. Some may try to count the day from the first day of school.

The information is designed to facilitate homeork Internship application process and to enhance the quality of the Internship More information.

ktip guide for homework

Orientation Meeting — establish tentative dates for ALL observations and committee meetings. Again, stress the importance of identifying the needs and strategies to meet those needs with the PGP. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Participants should read the Assessment Design Checklist on page 34 of the workbook.

Stress the importance to interns of communication of student results as an ongoing process: With your partners, discuss possible leadership projects that will improve your school.

Reference guides are available to assist each committee member with their respective roles and responsibilities on the committee. See Tutorial Once you have established a username and password, select Intern Management System IMS to create timesheets resource teachercreate the Record for Internship Year principaland sign off on timesheets and reports.

ktip guide for homework

Refer to Response to Intervention in addition to participants feedback.