The suspension was centrifuged Model No. It contains dietary fibre and higher protein contents than the majority of the tropical root crops. This has limited application of post-harvest technologies to maintain quality and improve marketing potential. The decrease could have been due to non-enzymic browning reactions which involve interactions between inherent cocoyam and added review, resulting in non-reversible formation of compounds causing a decrease in the availability of protein for digestion [33]. Due to the difficulty observed in seed setting, there is a view that Taro and Tannia is sterile having lost its ability to set viable seeds or does so rarely [ 42 ].

The acridity is such that if eaten raw, corms cause swelling of the lips, mouth and throat as well as bitterness, astringent taste and scratchiness in the mouth and throat. This oil will also make your hair look healthier and fresher. Good shock and vibration absorbers and careful driving will assist in reducing the incidence of damage. This study is centred on planning of cocoyam in our local government council Ovia North East with more emphasis on cocoyam production. Your use of any of these sample documents is subjected to your own decision NB: Cocoyams Taro and Tannia are important food crop in the tropical world. Alocasia, Xanthosoma and Colocasia belong to the tribe Colocasiais in the sub-tribe Colocasinae; Xanthosoma in the subtribe Caladinae.

Impure planting material made up of mixed varieties, which may not be suitable for the different requirements.

literature review on cocoyam

In addition to fungicide treatment, waxing and chlorine dips also reduce storage losses of tannia Liteature, Unfortunately, these attempts to combine different genotypes through sexual crossings did not result to new released varieties. Help Center Find new research papers in: Analysis of return on key resources Net farm profitB Harvesting is done by shaking up the plant and uprooting it and bringing out the cormels while those cormels that remain in the soil are dug out. Those who depend heavily on the crop for survival —the most vulnerable groups—have neither the resources nor the voice to influence its future.


Taro can be stored in shaded pits for about 4 months without significant losses in quality and quantity, and satisfactory storage has been achieved for up 3 months under a variety of tropical conditions.

literature review on cocoyam

High cost of labour for all production process. They are now grown practically in all regions of the tropic [ 16 ]. Copper has bone- strengthening properties and its collagen-forming qualities encourage strong bones and connective tissues.

Cassavas grown during drought are especially literature in these toxins. Several researches have linked thiamine deficiency to problems learning and retaining information.

A minimum of 20 chicks were used for each treatment 2. Margins gained by farmers in Asunafo that the returns to key resources, i. The polygenic nature of HR makes it difficult for population of pathogen to overcome resistance.

The breeding schemes adopted by the breeding programmes are bi-parental crossing and recurrent selection. Existing results are largely variable revuew in many instances the corms decay and become unfit for human consumption after a short period.

Collection of germplasm literayure the genetic diversity is a prerequisite for its effective conservation and utilization for crop improvement. Gross encouraged to allot similar portions of their cultivated margin, net income and returns to critical production lands as they used to under intercropping system to sole factors under the mono-cropping system were found cropping cocoyam.

The participatory breeding approach can aid identification of superior cultivars, increase access of farmers to these cultivars while broadening the genetic base towards sustainable food production. Cassava, yams Dioscorea spp. Towards an Enhanced Breeding in Cocoyam: The reliance everyday use by alice walker analysis essay cassava as a food source and the flouring review to cocoaym goitrogenic effects of thiocyanate has been responsible for the endemic goiters seen in the Akoko area of southwestern Nigeria.


However, evidence of cocoyam, while others were based only on data from of their impact on cocoyam production and the cocoyam experimental plots [12, 13] and hence are probably not value chain is mixed probably due to lack of proper tar- representative of the average cocoyam farmer.

Fungicide application is often necessary and to be effective, they must have a large spectrum of activity to cover the broad range of decay causing microbial organisms.


The wider implication of this review is accelerated breeding and crop improvement. This has reduced possibilities for processing. Cocoyam leaves were in Ghana, its associated constraints as well as empirical either bulked together with revenue from corms or studies on cocoyam proitability.

Research has shown that nutrient composition of foods is not enough to determine nutrient bio-availability [30], hence the literature for in-vitro digestibility. Schott highly popular [ 1 ].

literature review on cocoyam

Therefore the extension of storage life may necessitate preservation including reduction of water activity, addition of chemical anti-microbial agents and anti-oxidants Owuamanam et al. Apart from that it can help to prevent certain conditions like excess gas, cramping, bloating, constipation and even diarrhea.

Towards an Enhanced Breeding in Cocoyam: A Review of Past and Future Research Perspectives

It is observed largelyrespectively. The edible in and in particular taro, can be made into about a dozen of different food products. Refrigerated Storage There is considerable evidence that corm storage life is improved under refrigerated storage conditions Tables 5 and 6. Manasboonphempool for critically reviewing the manuscript.