For a specific system, it is better to consider the higher value of Cdc so that it can handle all of the above conditions. Table 2 Voltage sag mitigation performance. Future work is also proposed. The FLC comprises three parts: The ANN-based controller is designed for the current control of the shunt-active power filter and trained offline using data from the conventional proportional-integral controller [ 12 ].

It can also be referred to as concentrated control. Active load sharing techniques for parallel operation of a fixed number of inverters can be better due to their robust control but expansion of capacity due to the additional load may not be easy. Therefore, the FF mode can be a better option for the selection of the position. Extended merit of the UPQC includes the following: Therefore, the FF mode can be a better option for the selection of the position.

Thus the THDIs is minimized and the grid current is kept in phase with the grid voltage. They play an important role in the concept of the custom power park in delivering literaature power at various levels.

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Therefore, the size of the DC side capacitor should be selected, and the controller should be designed in such a way, that the series active filter can compensate the real power difference for a short period typically a number of msec.

Unified power quality conditioner with a novel control algorithm based on wavelet transform. Different control strategies for parallel operation of multiple APF units were reviewed in section 4.

Different current-control techniques are applied for tracking the reference current: Economical operation of the system can also be achieved by proper control of the active power transfer between the supply and DG source through a series APF [78]. Also there is no central control and no information sharing between the APFs. The proposed defuzzification method is briefed in the next section. An overview of these techniques has been given below and present research outcomes along with the advantages and disadvantages of these techniques are also described later.


A large value of error E indicates that the given system is not in the balanced state. It has become important, especially with the introduction of sophisticated devices, whose performance is very sensitive to the quality of power supplied. This is the most common placement of the UPQC reported in the literature. To check the performance of the reconnection process for the worst condition, the utility grid Vs is powered on at 1.

S2 and S3 are activated after the synchronization by the DG unit. As there are two types of passive energy storage devices rdview and inductorconverters are also classified as two types. Upqd active demand for power in the load is constant and equal to what to do with the source:. The ideal sine Delhi, India. The main objective of devising UPQC is the combined use of series-active and shunt-active filters chiefly to compensate negative-sequence current and harmonics as the SCR controlled capacitor banks compensate reactive power in power frequency [ 2 ].

literature review on upqc

Generation of compensating voltage and current for Series and Shunt APF is based on the instantaneous p-q theory. In utility applications, a DSTATCOM provides leading or lagging reactive power to Now imagine that this load is going to take on one of two achieve system revieww during transient conditions.


Both the shunt and series APFs are current controlled.

Kluwer Academic Publishers; The input error E k for the FLC can be calculated from the maximum power point as given in 20 and As shown in Figure 6the supply currents are normal, sinusoidal, and phase line, with the voltages even under unbalanced system voltage condition. Active power loss associated with the design parameters has also been analyzed as a rating requirement of the shunt APF unit.

literature review on upqc

Without the loss of generality, for the rest of the study, analysis and discussion, is assumed to be zero. How to do proper citations in an essay. Essay on international human rights law.

The other advantage of this configuration is that the shunt APF can compensate the voltage distortion created by the DG converters. Control method level on instantaneous p-q theory, literahure d-q reference frame, synchronous detection, flux-based controller, notch filter, PI controller, sliding- mode controller, genetic algorithm, neural network are the most popular in ipqc time domain.

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Hingorani in [23]. Ant Colony Optimization ACO algorithm is liteature a system based on agents which simulate the natural behavior of ants, including mechanisms of cooperation and adaptation.

literature review on upqc

It is also similar to the rectifier analysis in [90]. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.