American J Trop Med and Hyg. The effect of a novel curcumin derivative on pancreatic islet regeneration in experimental type-1 diabetes in rats long term study Diabetology and Metabolic Syndrome. The ethanolic fraction was more potent than the other fractions. Study showed significantly increased delay time of sickle hemoglobin polymerization Sickle-cell disease SCD or sickle-cell anemia SCA , a multisystem disease, is the most common monogenic disorder worldwide and is associated with acute illness and progressive organ damage 1. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity ;

Cardiovascular disease risk reduction by raising HDL cholesterol – current therapies and future opportunities. Sickle cell anemia, a molecular Disease. Study showed significantly increased delay time of sickle hemoglobin polymerization Carrageenan induced oedema in hind paw of rats as an assay for anti-inflammatory drugs. Keay , Dalziel, , Kokwaro, For each plant extract, in-vivo antitrypanosomal screening was conducted using 25 mice inoculated with 10 5 T. Swiss albino mice 20—25g of either sex were divided into 5 groups.

Each year, overchildren are born affected by SCD and half of them die before the age of 5 years 4, 5.

Asian J Pharm Clin Res ;6 reviee In vitro study on the hypoglycemic potential of Nicotiana tabacum leaf extracts. Asian J Biochem and Pharmaceuti Res. Leaves Anacardiaceae Flavonoid Extract showed significant reduction in polymerization of deoxy HbS molecules. They were exposed to 12h light and dark cycles and were fed with pelletized growers mash and water ad libitum.

Literature review on uvaria chamae

It is a public health problem acknowledged as one of the most important killer diseases and a prominent cause of death in low- and middle-income countries [ 2 ].


Steinberg M H and Brugnara C: Vaishnava S and Rangari VD: Seed Cyperaceae Thiocyanate, and ascorbic acid Not shown direct action on HbS polymerization but having a more pronounced anti-HbS gelation activity This review concludes that phytoconstituents such as anthraquinones, amino acids, caricapinoside, p-hydroxy benzoic acid etc.

This was done according to the modified method described by Kazeem et al. Play a role in both stabilizing the RBC membrane by acting on ion channel and inhibiting polymerization of HbS A competitive inhibitor diminishes the rate of catalysis by reducing the proportion of enzyme molecules bound to a substrate [ 47 ].

The in-vivo antimalarial activities of Uvaria chamae and Hippocratea africana. Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry.

literature review on uvaria chamae

Alcoholic enhances HbSS polymerization inhibition in blood. Brookhaven Symp Biol ; 1: Although this result may look inspiring, further studies are still required to measure quantitatively the beta cell mass. Therefore, it does not have trypanocidal effect. Unripe papaya fruit extract and leaf extract chanae reported to have antisickling activity and shown inhibited HbSS polymerization which indicates the potency of extract to hit on HbS polymerization target in attenuating SS cell sickling.

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Table 2 Effect of the root extract of U. The basic defect in this disease is change in sixth position of beta globin chain in which glutamic acid, a polar amino acid, is replaced by valine, a non polar amino acid.

literature review on uvaria chamae

Micrographs have shown SS blood erythrocytes and are assumed to change morphology, ie, sickle shape to round shape However, they were not significant compared with the reference drug levamisole. Juss Meliaceae in Albino Rats.


literature review on uvaria chamae

Wet cuamae film was carried out at every other day to estimate parasitaemia changes and mortality recorded. The high levels of plasma HDL-cholesterol prevent risk of developing cardiovascular disease [ 5556 ]. Administration of the fraction profoundly suppressed the development of acute oedema of the mice paw. Structural bases of the inhibitory effects of hemoglobin F and hemoglobin A2 on the polymerization of hemoglobin S.

Literature review on uvaria chamae . sample essays book

Anthraquinones fhamae the main phytoconstituents that showed anti-sickling activity In normal human, mainly 2 types of Hb is present 6 and the ratio of these Hb types changes during development of human body 7. Scientific evidence suggested that these classes of natural constituents exhibit antitrypanosomal activity by virtue of their interference literaure the redox balance of the parasites acting either on the respiratory chain or on the cellular defences against oxidative stress Sepulveda-Boza and Cassels, Deoxygenation causes polymerization, leading to sickled erythrocytes.

However, the initial clearance of parasitaemia was followed by a relapse and then death of the animals due to high parasitaemia level. Table 4 Effect of the root extract of U.