Log in now or Create an account. That must’ve been gratifying to her and one less thing to worry about. The suspense got to be so great, that I could feel the action like drums banging my eardrum. Trivia About Lost and Found B The question is do the note and disappearance of her sister t The story Lost and Found is of a young named Darcy. Darcy Wills is in big trouble. Her background, which she describes as “multicultural, lower middle-class neighborhood, including African Americans, Mexican Americans, Arab Americans, and Filipino Americans,” is her greatest inspiration when writing.

In this book, the main characters, Darcy and Jamee are having a hard time getting along in day to day life. She was smart, shy and only had one best friend named, Brisana. The Dark Beneath the Ice. She wants help, but she seems to not want to ASK for help, she feels like shes crying for help, but nobody notices. Then they were worried about her and they look for her and then her dad finds her where her and her dad used to go before there mom and dad had seperated.

Jamee left she had to escape from everything, she made a decision that sacred her whole family. Jamee came home and had a black eye almost closed her eye up. Heartbroken and spurned Kassidy starts an Anti-Love Club in response Sep 04, Maria Lane rated it liked it.

lost and found by anne schraff essay

Lost and found over all was a pretty good book. This book was overall good. Exsay she was not teamed her friend, maybe she would be teamed with some really dumb student who would pull her down. I like this 0.


Also, she’s forced to team up with a girl she doesn’t like at her school, Tarah, for a biology assignment. Honestly, I give it bh solid 3.

Lost and Found by Anne Schraff | Teen Ink

Then the girls little sister runs away and the girl, her dad, and boyfriend go looking for her and find her need this tree that both of the sisters dad used to take them to before he left them and they find the girls little sister foundd uhh In this race against time will the family come together in their time of need or will they be left blindfolded in the dark? Jamee later admitted what she did was wrong and would never do something as stupid as she did.

Nobody knows, not even her closest wnd. It was like a big mystery while reading this book, and I feel like that is a big reason anbe it was so good.

Kim Baccellia, Staff Reviewer. I enjoyed reading this book. Reader reviewed by Karen Contreras This book is so intresting.

lost and found by anne schraff essay

Goodreads helps you keep track of wssay you want to read. I had to read this book with the rest of my class a little while ago. Looking for a particular type of book? These things happen everyday. And after she called the cops on the guy following her she finds out that was her father.


Lost and found by anne schraff book report

Jamee had more personality and, truly was the deepest character. Then there was the threatening note left on her desk at Bluford High School. Will you ever find out who is the stalker? The bh good thing about this book is the conflictthe violence ajne the drama is very interesting but it can get deep.

Jul 13, Makaylah Stewart rated it it was amazing. It reminds me oof my brother so much.

lost and found by anne schraff essay

Ann The world of the tavern: From the compulsory wearing of. The setting of my story is mainly at Buford high sch Have you ever read a realistic fiction book that grabbed your attention in every way?

For a story that is not long it has a lot to tell. There’s no main loat, no central problem and no straight forward story; really, we get a look into the life of this character, and at a very pivotal time, too. Shortly after her younger sister Jamee has gone missing. Now she was facing a murder charge as an adult.