Application form mzumbe university chuo kikuu mzumbe Cell: Masters thesis will range up to pages ii Ph. Unless the figures are big enough to deserve separate pages by themselves, they must be included in the text. Guidelines for Writing a Masters Thesis Documents. Simon Msanjila, Mzumbe University , Tanzania.

Reading and return comments for research proposal: Quotations Quotations of fewer than four lines can be incorporated into the text and quotation marks should be used. Guidelines for Writing a Masters Thesis Documents. Article in a journal paginated by issue Maienza, J. Guidelines to Thesis Writing Documents. Dissertation, unpublished Leverenz, C.

Mzumbe University Research Proposal Guidelines

Due by March Subscribe to this RSS feed. Dobbs May 3, at 9: Include the date of Internet gudelines or of the most recent update, if available.

APA style for references The alphabetical list of the sources cited in your document is called references. List works by the same author in chronological order, separated by commas Gilligan,Email and other personal communication Cite any personal letters, email, electronic bulletin-board correspondence, telephone conversations, or interviews with the persons initial s and last name. Discussion of the findings Chapter VI: Type the heading References, neither underlined nor in quotation marks, centred one inch from the top of the page.

John Karlos May 3, at 9: It may not be reproduced by any means in full or in part, except for short extracts in fair dealings, for research or private study, critical scholarly review or discourse with an acknowledgement, without the written permission of Mzumbe University, on behalf of the author.


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guidelines for Thesis writing

Give the authors name, if available. The recommended length is words for a masters work and words for a doctoral work. List all authors last name first, and use only initials for first and middle names. The title page will resemble the contents of the cover page except that while the cover page is in a hard cover, this title page will be only in a normal paper Certification: Development Review, 3, Use only the year for books and journals; use the year, a comma, and the month or month and day for magazines; use the year, a comma, and the month and day for newspapers.

mzumbe university dissertation guidelines

Unless the figures are big enough to deserve separate pages by themselves, they must be included in the text. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Mzumbe university research proposal

Key has argued that the placement of women in print advertisements is subliminally important. Citation of unreported cases involves the following elements or parts. Note, however, that APA recommends not including personal dissertatioj in the reference list. Website, for electronic case reports.

mzumbe university dissertation guidelines

Simon Msanjila, Mzumbe UniversityTanzania. Letourneau, FCA 42, 46 C. I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent on this great article.



Unknown May 5, at 4: Article in a journal paginated by issue Maienza, J. Masters Research Proposal Writing. As Mueller et al. Guidelines for Writing a Research Proposal: Start your guidelined on a separate page after the text of your document but before any appendices or notes. For electronic texts or other works without page numbers, paragraph numbers may be used instead.

Characteristics of access for men and women. To maintain a high standard of a students work that is acceptable for a graduate degree, the Directorate of Research, Publications, and Postgraduate Studies DRPS has developed guidelines to assist students in preparing their theses or dissertations. Author named in parentheses When you do not mention the author in a signal phrase in your text, give the name and the date, separated by univerrsity comma, in parentheses at the end of the cited material.

Name of the series of the law reports in which the case is reported 4.