Disruptive or violent behaviour will not be tolerated. Announcements PA Announcements will be made each day at the end of period one. This will include students with accommodations. Complete the first 24 credits of study on an approved master’s degree program. If an assessment is not completed on the scheduled date, a zero will be assigned as a placeholder.

Teacher supervision in the building begins at 7: It is unlikely that students will be permitted to attend other school events that year. The mid-morning decision to open or remain closed for the day will be made at approximately The choice and volume of music are at the discretion of the supervising teacher. Harassment, Bullying, Hazing and Other Violence Issues Name calling, verbal, electronic or physical harassment, bullying, hazing and all other violent acts are completely prohibited. All internal areas of the building are supervised throughout during the school day and the bus boarding areas are supervised as students exit at 2: You are asked to turn right when entering the lot from Ruth Avenue and to drive around the full lot to drop off students in front of the buildings.

First bell rings at 8: Student Conduct and Behaviour Policy Students will: CDLI Tutoring brochure Nelsd permission does not permit use of the vending machines. Teacher Supervision First bell rings at 8: Weapons and other hazardous materials Weapons and other hazardous materials are not to be brought onto school property.

Policies and Procedures

Assessment Policy Students are expected to complete all assessments on or by the date designated by the teacher. When possible, SynreVoice will also be used to notify parents when school is closing during the day due to weather. Anyone who n,esd knowledge of these acts is asked to immediately speak with a teacher, the guidance counsellor or the administration. Weapons and other hazardous materials. Always turn right when leaving the lot.


Students must not be present at any school-related function while under the influence of alcohol. At the school we are unable to answer phones or the door.

Teacher supervision in the building begins at 7: Student Drivers Students and parents who drive to school should be ever mindful of safety, especially on school property.

St Thomas Aquinas

Subsequent offenses will result in suspension and loss of privilege to bring phones to school. Any use of any electronic devices that is blatant, defiant, or distracting is not acceptable and consequences will be put in place. It is a work setting, not a play setting. Students are asked to park their vehicles on the sides and back of the building. The following rules apply to these courses: For a test or quiz: The proper tone and atmosphere of the school are homewor, in the way our students and staff are dressed.

What did they do after? Alcohol Students must not be present at any school-related function while under the influence of alcohol.


St. Kevin’s High School

A student who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or is suspected of being under the influence will not be permitted to remain at the event. Teachers will determine how the storage slots are assigned.

nlesd homework policy

The phone in the lobby will only be available before school, lunchtime and after school. An immediate suspension may be issued to students who choose nlsed smoke in the building or on school grounds.

Dress Code School is a formal learning environment. Students who are concerned about loss, theft or pilicy to their phones will leave them at home. Card Playing and Gambling Games Any games being played for the purpose of gambling are not permitted on school property. The parking lot is very busy.

Staff – St. Kevin’s Junior High

June Exam Schedule Web. The associated regulations can be found at: The zero will be removed once the assessment is complete, or will remain permanently once the final deadline to complete or submit the work has passed see details below.

nlesd homework policy

This helps ensure the safety of our students and staff. Your worksheet only asks for Canada’s policy in Phase 1.