If the faculty member determines that a violation of the Policy has occurred and the student immediately admits wrongdoing, the faculty member promptly informs the Departmental Designee verbally and also provides, in writing, a detailed account of the academic integrity infraction describing all relevant facts and circumstances. The signed Agreement Form is a prerequisite for registration in the Graduate Thesis course. Eligibility for University-sponsored or other medical insurance. Thesis Term—Students who have registered in only one course – the thesis or final project may have the department determine whether the work is equivalent to half-time equivalency 20 hours per week or full-time equivalency 40 hours per week. If time has elapsed where the previous course content has changed, an NYU course will be evaluated just like any other transfer course. Capstone Projects Overview Capstone projects are generally either an individual or group effort toward producing a non-traditional product e.

Collaborating with other students on assignments without the express permission of the instructor. If your request for an extension is denied and you cannot meet the deadline, you are at risk of receiving a failure for the course and will be asked to re-register for the following semester at a full 3-credit tuition cost. Our excellent faculty represent a wealth of professional interests and expertise! When you enroll in the NYU School of Professional Studies, you become part of an international teaching and learning community. When approving a leave of absence, the appropriate department or school official should notify the OISS and the student must depart the United States immediately. If admitted, can I defer my enrollment to the next semester?

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This trust is shared among all members of the University community and is a core principle of American higher education. Once a final grade has been submitted by the instructor and recorded on the transcript, turning in additional course work cannot change the final grade. This process of attribution and referencing allows each individual to demonstrate how thesls or his understanding and ideas relate to an existing body of knowledge—and add to them.


Once a violation of the policy is detected, the faculty member will not issue a grade on the assignment or for the course until the case has been resolved. The respondent has the right to appeal the decision of the panel in any case on the grounds that the decision or the proceedings at the hearing were arbitrary or unfair or that there is compelling new or previously unavailable evidence.

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There is also required course work from Thursday, April 14 to Thursday, May Students must register and pay for a course to be a repeat. Any member of the faculty, administration, or staff or any student may file a written complaint against any student for any thesos violation of University or School policy. After the Departmental Designee has received the evidentiary report from the faculty nyk, the Departmental Designee will make a final determination as to whether or not a policy violation has occurred.

The classroom will be announced to admitted students.

Students can reach their instructor by email or telephone number as given on the syllabus or, when available, by leaving a note in the instructor’s departmental mailbox.

The tehsis must be present thseis the hearing. Students who are out of attendance in the semester following the one in which the course was taken have one additional semester to complete the work. It demonstrates the values of academic integrity and systematic reflection and intellectual development.

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If any curriculum changes have been made, the readmitted student will need to adhere to the new curriculum. Should the Panel find the Respondent in violation of Policy, the Panel identifies proposed sanctions that align with the scope and severity of the case based on NYUSPS sanction guidelines.


In particular, students should ensure that all prerequisites have been met prior to taking advanced courses by checking with their program advisors. The grade of “IP” Incomplete Pass indicates that the student was passing the course at the time the Incomplete Contract was signed.

Thesis Presentation Content Guide. If a sanction involves a particular grade, the student is not eligible to withdraw from that course s.

nyu scps thesis

Each Disciplinary Panel will be comprised of three persons: Using a phrase, sentence, or passage from another person’s work without quotation marks and attribution of the source. Curriculum specialization courses, advanced seminars, and a capstone thesis project.

Changing the Course Schedule. Overall guidelines for this presentation can be found hereand the recommended Thesis Presentation Content Guide is here i. The following symbols indicating terminal grades are used. After the Respondent responds, Panelists ask the Respondent questions based on evidentiary materials and commentary. Working under the mentorship of a faculty supervisor, students select a topic; develop a research model; conduct research and analysis; and write a significant thesis paper to be reviewed by experts in the field.

Students are subject to disciplinary actions for the following offenses which include but are not limited to:. Attendance at the hearing proceedings is not required. Convening of Disciplinary Panel.

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Leave of Absence Policies for International Students. Students must check their records to verify that this has occurred. What documents must be submitted with my application?