Marginalised Moros in the southern Philippines have legitimate grievances against the Philippine government. A question that comes before is: Aside from political reasons find out why it was declared unconstitutional all opinions esecially the dissenting opinions. Such territorial jurisdictions and geographic areas being the natural wealth and patrimony represent the social, cultural and political identity and pride of all the Bangsamoro people. Maybe, they are right. The legislation was ratified by both the Senate and the House of Representatives on July 23 and 24, respectively. Before we think of peace solution, which seems to sweep aside other issues every time it is mentioned, we should first think of how to approach the whole package of the idea of starting a negotiation.

A similar thing could happen to the block grant in the future. The rule applies on both sides and I think we have been very consistent in demonstrating good faith with them. The provincial government is stupid. This law can suffice the exact need of the country. Development assistance to neighboring regions can be used Binay-style to buy allies.

Bangsamoro Organic Law – Wikipedia

Suddenly, without the knowledge and consent of the Lumads, the Executive branch has erased their identity lww separate and distinct indigenous peoples. The larger groups will have representatives in the parliament.

persuasive essay about bangsamoro basic law

If provisions for social justice and baxic development are only rhetorically endorsed, this will be a disservice to the struggle of the Moro peoples. Road to peace in Mindanao: The ties that bind them are soaked in blood.


Bangsamoro Organic Law

So a balance must be found that is solid. I also think BBL should have been made an assignment in schools.

Retrieved 8 July Remove the June deadline and appeal to the MI that the summit is the best way essaj get the nation involved. Article 23, altered afterread as follows:. Your recommended solutions do not bar objectives one through four, so ought not raise much objection.

Third, preservation of cultural traditions, to include recognition of Muslim rules that do not conflict with National rules.

Can Peace be Attained through the Bangsamoro Basic Law?

President Duterte will then appoint 80 members to the Bangsamoro Transition Authority BTAwhich automatically includes the incumbent officials of the Regional Government. From you have to be serious. If there is already an article, then it can be mined to make the summary. Peter Cayetano, and questioning the credibility of the Peace Summit members.

The BBL wants to enshrine the source of conflict into our laws. Those rulings should be appealable to the Court of Appeals by any aggrieved party or by the government offices or agencies concerned. When I know so little about a topic, I usually step back, listen and learn.

persuasive essay about bangsamoro basic law

Former Senator Aquilino Pimentel, Jr. In time, their sense of separateness will heal as perceptions are not permanent in nature, provided there is material condition for the change to grow and flourish. Tribal laws will still apply to disputes of indigenous peoples within the region. How will the Bangsamoro government work with the aboug government?


persuasive essay about bangsamoro basic law

essay All autonomous region symbols must be subsidiary to national symbols. A leader who is to unite the Philippines must be able to speak to all groups and listen and understand all groups. The BTA will be dissolved once elected officials assume office. This is wrong because they are asking money from the National budget. Probably a decade before I was looking at the Irish and Protestant conflict in Ireland as a model for how to resolve the conflicts in our country.

The Bangsamoro Government Parliamentary government esasy could somebody, karl or giancarlo please look at this in more detail and write a short summary?

The apprehension is heightened by the fact that freedom of the press is not among the basic rights that people are expressly entitled to enjoy in the Bangsamoro. I rather think you are right. March 31, at 6: How does the BBL deal with this question? Views Read Edit View history. The creation of the BBL is the Moros way of telling the national government to keep its hands to itself and shut up.