Humans Are Kind of Disgusting. So species like the Great White the “Man Killer” a name given to them by the media will probably disappear along with the Whale Shark and many other species. The third image is perhaps the most powerful image. Are you one of those people who think if you step in the ocean you are going to be attacked to the shark, or sharks are only there to kill humans? The policy assumes that there are more sharks. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

Contribute Join our community of contributors. Why is it irrational to kill the sharks? It presents a photo of a human swimming or diving deep in the ocean, right next to a big shark. The proposed cull is an attempt to protect beach-goers from potential attack. Straight away, this highlights an issue in society the government really should be addressing. But the evidence again says no.

Therefore, the number of fatal attacks in WA, per capita, is actually declining. This will attract the curious shark cilling may then cross the 1km mark. Litter in Our Oceans. Follow us on social media.

Cull or be killed: is this really the solution to stop shark attacks?

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persuasive essay shark culling

Finally, in the suspected attack on a swimmer at Cuoling beach, the victim was said to be swimming alone a few hundred metres away from the shore in the early hours of the morning. Revenge is not a meaningful strategy on which to base policy nor is it worthy of an educated nation such as Australia.


We will stop persuasivs cull. Shark finning is a process where shark fins are removed and their bodies are discarded in the ocean.

Argumentative essay:Should shark finning be globally banned?

Shark kills cullinh million annually, research says, BBC News, from http: After all, they are the ones that created it. Send your email To.

persuasive essay shark culling

It could be said that these surfers are Just plain stupid, but it could also be said that they know how small the risk of being attacked by a shark Is, especially when In a group of surfers close to shore.

Thousands more swimmers take to our beaches every year as the WA population and tourism continue to rise.

The helicopters might be seeing more, but only because they are flying for longer hours. So we need to not stop.

Simply being aware of these conditions and acting appropriately will dramatically reduce the already minute risk of being attacked. So what can we do? It is, of course, nonsense. But does it address it? Sharks may be extinct in a decade, IOL News, from http: Don’t have an account?

English Oral – Shark Cullings

The remaining 57 shark fin exporting countries have weak or no regulation on shark finning and the international waters cannot be regulated. Did you know though that more people are killed by coconuts, dogs, and rssay than by sharks. Did you know that there are four hundred species of shark and that four to six new species of shark persuasife discovered yearly?


There is no excuse or justifiable argument that even comes close to validating a shark cull. It is their job to represent us, and believe me, if they hear from enough of the people who vote for them they will be asking a lot of questions of the Premier.

You are commenting using your Google account. History and culing actually proves its ineffectiveness.

Argumentative essay:Should shark finning be globally banned? | University English(Jacky)

Why is it irrational to kill the sharks? The policy also assumes that the presence of sharks is a predictor of risk. How many people are killed by sharks? If the Premier is not listening, we need to speak directly to ;ersuasive people whose job it is to represent our views to him, and who rely on us for their vote. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

persuasive essay shark culling

What are sharks forced to do?