Estimating quotients with 2-digit divisors. Multiplying by 10 and Friday Lesson Multiplication and division comparison problems Thursday Lesson Tell what type of quadrilateral each shape is. Now it is your turn to practice word problems using.

Solve a Simpler Problem and Make a Table Measuring Angles with a protractor 2. If there are 4 children, how many oranges are there in total? Could it be a scalene triangle? Twelve Bridges Elementary School.

Topic 16 Lines, Angles, and Shapes

Special quotients Friday Lesson Polygons State test prep: Problem Solving with remaindersA3. Measuring Angles with a protractor. There are 70 crayons in each box.

Now for the second part of the question. Rounding to Estimate 16-1 math facts: Remember, 5 is not the correct answer because all of the pennies makes 1.

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Topic 4 Thursday Lesson It has two sets of number. Did I answer all parts of the questions?

problem solving make and test generalizations practice 16-11

Angles are measured in degrees. Review – Check your math and decide if the answer to your problem makes sense.


Course: 4th Grade Math-3rd Quarter

Write a fraction for each shaded shape. Each talbe seat on person on each side.

problem solving make and test generalizations practice 16-11

Multiplying fractions and whole numbers Thursday Step Up Math lesson If there are 4 children, how many oranges are there in total? Look at the example below. I can measure angles in whole number degrees using a protractor.

Problem solving make and test generalizations practice answers

You read the numbers depending on where you place the side of the angel you measure. Solving word problems with multiplication and division. How many eggs are in 2 boxes? Break apart to multiply distributive property.

problem solving make and test generalizations practice 16-11

pravtice Representing addition and subtraction equations with diagrams Weekly math facts: How many crayons are in 93 boxes? Line Symmetry State test prep Geometry: Could this same triangle also be an equilateral triangle?

Would this triangle be an equilateral triangle, isoceles, or a scalene triangle.

Meaning of multiplication Weekly math facts focus: Determine the reasonableness of a solution Wednesday Topic 5 review: Can you think of a situation where you would divide? Make and Test Generalizations In 1 through 6, test the generalization sooving state whether prob,em Problem Solving: Solve a Simpler Problem Problem Solving: Subtracting whole numbers Friday Lesson Think about what you already know about the problem.


You can picture the one side of the angle as tracing out a circle or an arc of a circle.

Students will explore word problems with multiplication.