Binding Loosely 8 Complete theses of various disciplines can be used as a guide on this. Formatting also follows the same guide. Producing questionnaires 5 copies Statement of the Problem a This is the nerve-centre of any research work, which should be adequately comprehended by the researcher from the onset. The statement of the problem is not a set of objectives. Note, the various rules pertaining to Master’s and Doctoral studies are under.

It should be detailed as is relevant and should account for the value and cost of the project. Both the outdated and modern theories should be discussed, revealing the merits, demerits and limitation of each. However, it is important to have disclaimer statement to exonerate all those who assisted from the attribution, blame of the information, errors or mistakes that may be contained in the theses. If in the proposal, a candidate uses acronyms only, then, the title for this section shall be acronyms only. List of Figures a This list is governed by the same rules as the List of Tables see above.

This handout will help you write and revise grant proposals for research funding in all.

Theses and Dissertations

The month and the year should not be separated with a comma; for example, they should be written as follows: However, there are common salient features across all academic disciplines. Objectives a These are the aims and goals, which provide the ikuat of the planned research work. The text in the title page and in the Tables should be single line-spaced. In addition, the researcher should critically say how that given work is relevant to the new study.



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Remember me on this computer. This should also apply to the formatting of the text Departures should be as per uniqueness of a discipline, but consistent.

Methodology a This section embodies the procedures used in eliciting data from the field of study. Long and complicated questions do not achieve much.

project thesis format jkuat

Moreover, commercial banks are not only competing with themselves but also with other deposit Cervical cancer development is linked to the persistent infection Acknowledgements People or institutions that have contributed to the success of the research work are acknowledged in this part.

Theais More Date Issued – – 29 – 1. Long and complicated questions should be avoided. When adequately understood as portrayed through the statement, achieving is easy, less expensive tesis actually enjoyable. Log In Sign Up.

By martin otundo richard. It’s hard to find good quality writing like yours nowadays. Writing on the spine should be from bottom to the top of the spine. If a candidate does not understand theeis problem, there are only remote chances, if any, of success. Some researchers may have long-and short-term objectives, or general and specific objectives b Appropriate objectives enable the elucidation of and focusing on the data that helps in solving of the research problem.


For the purpose of reporting, it should highlight the projeft of every chapter. Binding Loosely 8 These include articles, books, and unpublished papers. Follow the referencing techniques and other technical requirements and style guidelines. In this case, definition is done to avoid misunderstanding of the common meaning.

It’s hard to find good quality writing like yours nowadays. Avoid cut-and-paste literature review.

Subsistence Local 4 days Bondo Subtotal 17, If you are applying for a postgraduate doctoral programme, you will need to submit a research proposal. Long and complicated questions do not achieve much. It is obtained from personal communication, articles, books, published and unpublished papers for theses only.

Contact Us Send Feedback. Information in Table 8, Figure 5 shows… l All page numbers should be at the bottom centre and in the same font as the text. This study assessed the knowledge, practices and In order to do this effectively, the researcher needs to explore the work being reviewed generally and say what it is all about.

project thesis format jkuat