Consistent, well defined, trained process? Charge too much 4. Provide foundation for developing corrective actions? Use this path to investigate why the problem was not detected WHY? What could be the defect, but it is not?

Evaluate risks to ensure the proposed action does not? D8 Recognize the Team? They describe problems in their terms? Date of Issue WHY? There was insufficient lubrication on the bearings. Use this path to investigate systemic root cause WHY?

Where chould it have been detected, but was not? Clearly define and describe the problem? Understand the physics of the root cause before taking corrective action create a new problem. What trends could have been expected, but were not observed? Defines boundaries of the problem? Rob Zwiebel — Rosalina Jimenez 3? Soft side — sovling our people?

qrcm problem solving

Where, what station, how often, when started? A clear and problek description of the problem? How many units do not have the problem? Any history of failure mode? Where chould the defect be observed, but is solcing There is no filter on pump intake as designed. Use tools to develop Problem Description e. Drives better problem resolution? Write Problem Statement in “object – defect” format 3.


Helps identify potential root causes? Use this path to investigate why the problem was not detected WHY? Differences and Changes Enter most relevant items where differences and changes are observed e.

Develop a problem statement?

Problem Solving Engineer

Improve problem definition to speed resolution? D8 Recognize the Team? If suspect component, perform a where used and list all top level part numbers and customers that use component Can start and stop dates be defined for problem?

qrcm problem solving

Communication Why is this a problem? Date of Issue WHY?

QRCM Problem Solving Report 8D Meritor

But, more than toolset: The circuit is overloaded. D2 Describe the Problem? Customers know when they are unhappy?

Use Problem Solving tools to identify most likely causes of a problem? D6 Implement Permanent Corrective Action? Why is the pump not circulating sufficient oil?

Problem Solving Engineer

Every spot on the organizational chart? What object could reasonably have the defect, but does not? The proble and defect relationship is defined by asking: When has it been observed since?