During each retest, the fibre specimen began to yield once the failure load of the preceding test was exceeded Existing User Sign In. Nutritional superiority of young and medium leaves with respect to soluble protein, total phenol and phenylalanine ammonia lyase activity was observed in the leaves of P. The specificity of action of Bt toxins reduces the concern of adverse effects on non-target species, a concern which remains with chemical insecticides as well Phylogenetic relationships of all wild moths Lepidoptera:

Handbook of Muga Culture. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Attribution 4. Induction of pupal diapause in muga silkworm Antheraea assama Westwood Lepidoptera: Non-mulberry silkworm rearing in Japan with special reference to Japanese oak silkworm A. Present status and constraints of eri silkworm conservation in India. Through culture-dependent techniques, generic identification using 16S ribosomal RNA probes, diversity analysis and qualitative screening for enzyme activities, our studies have identified a number of bacterial isolates, viz.

Non-mulberry sericulture in India. Saturniidae using RAPD-based molecular markers. Owing to the prevailing socio-political problems, the muga silkworm habitats in the northeastern region have not been accessible hampering the phylogeography studies of this rare silkmoth.

The Saturniidae of Sumatra Lepidoptera.

research paper on muga silkworm

Herein, we report the de novo transcriptome of A. Powered by peer review management and editorial system Actavia. Antheraea assamensis Helfer, popularly known as Muga silkworm, the golden silk producer of northeast India is economically important and unique among the Saturniid silkworms.

Intrinsic tensile properties of cocoon silk fibres can be estimated by removing flaws through repeated tensile tests. Muga silkworms are mostly wild unlike the mulberry silkworm, which is completely domesticated. Muga Antheraea assamensis is an economically important silkmoth endemic to the states of Assam and Meghalaya in India and is the producer of the strongest known commercial silk. Endemic species of Northeast India. Role of phytohormone in terminating pupal diapause of A.


Directorate of Sericulture and Weaving, Govt. The Indian golden saturniid silkmoth Antheraea assamapopularly known as muga silkmoth, is a semi-domesticated silk producing insect confined to a narrow habitat range of the northeastern region of India. Integrated silkworm disease management: Silk fibres from silkworm cocoons have lower strength than spider silk and have received less attention as a source of high-performance fibres.

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Induction of pupal diapause in muga silkworm Antheraea assama Westwood Lepidoptera: Use Read by QxMD to access full text via your institution or open access sources. Occurrence of wild mulberry silkworm in Uttaranchal.

research paper on muga silkworm

Our present study is on decoding the complete mitochondrial genome mitogenome of A. Different strains of Bt produce different types of toxins, affecting a narrow taxonomic group of insects.

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Saturniidaeis a semi-domesticated silkworm known to be endemic to Assam and the adjoining hilly areas of Northeast India. Saturniidae in North eastern India – distributional significance.

In this study, the genetic diversity and phylogeny of semidomesticated and wild morphs of Muga silkwormcollected from different geographical locations of northeast India were investigated based on the sequences of five mitochondrial loci, i.

Litsaea polyantha fed females showed significantly higher pupal weight and higher rate of oviposition in comparison to three food plants Machilus bombycina, Litsaea salicifolia and Cinnamomum glaucescens. During each retest, the fibre specimen began to yield once the failure load of the preceding test was exceeded Muga silkworm, being wild in nature, is very difficult to rear in indoor condition.


Leaf freshness, phago-stimulant, nutrient, biomass, denier, integrated, streptomycin sulfate, indoor. To ameliorate this, cryogels are immensely explored due to their macro-porous nature, ease in fabrication, using ice crystals as porogens, the shape property, easy reproducibility and cost-effective fabrication technique.

Central Silk Board, Bangalore, pp. Wild sericigenous insects of India: This study reports for the first time the induction of immunity in Antheraea assama Ww larvae against bacterial flacherie. The types, distribution pattern of the sensilla remained almost the same in the different larval stages except for the number and dimension in some cases.

Short reads generated by high throughput sequencing of cDNA libraries from multiple tissues, viz. Domestication of muga silkworm Antheraea assama Ww. Antheraea assamensis Helfer muga silkworm is an economically important endemic insect species of North Eastern Region of India.

research paper on muga silkworm

Antibacterial activity against pathogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa AC-3 causing flacherie, was induced by injection of heat-killed cells of the same strain.