Applicants whose candidature has been terminated by the university must also submit a written statement that demonstrates the applicant’s readiness to return to their research course. On admission to the higher degree research course, the faculty will recommend an enrolment and provide course advice compliant with course and research training requirements. The Graduate School anticipates that feedback on your examination should be available within four months, however this time may vary depending on the speed of response from your examiners. Training is offered by a range of service providers including faculties, institutes, Library and the Research Students Centre. QUT Thesis If you wish to do this, you must do so at the time you submit your thesis online for creative writing course salisbury of the degree.

Circumstances where the Committee may terminate a candidate can include but are not limited to the following: Higher degree research HDR candidates may normally be granted upon application, a maximum of 12 months days leave of absence or part time equivalent during the term of their candidature. It is important to note that examiners are advised to seek independent legal advice prior to signing the Confidentiality Agreement, which will delay the examination beyond the standard examination period. Coursework requirements are monitored by faculties. It is not permissible for an examiner to make any use of the material in a thesis without due acknowledgement, to make copies or to show the thesis to others, or to make use of Intellectual Property contained in it.

response to thesis examiner reports qut

Faculty Academic Boards make recommendations to the Research Degrees Committee on matters regarding the admission, supervision and examination of higher degree research students; and recommend and approve research curriculum developments in accordance with the policy for curriculum development and approval.


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Degree Additional requirements PhD: Revise and Resubmit Examination outcome: Submit thesis corrections Examination outcome: Any fees payable in relation to the examination of a candidate shall be determined consistent with Australia standards. Non award research training courses, including mandatory training courses will be coordinated by the Research Degrees Committee. Admission into higher degree research awards is conditional upon:. If you do not have sufficient funds left in your Research Project Support Scheme report or if you are submitting from overseas or out of examiner, you should both print and bind the theses yourself, and mail the theses to your supervisors, having first ascertained that they want them.

Guides are available to illustrate the examination timeline with an oral examination and without an oral examination. This will normally require approval of the faculty and Research Degrees Committee and may be contingent on funding and an agreement with the overseas university. The conditions for transfer are detailed in the relevant course requirements.

Normally, a student admitted to a higher degree research course may at any point in candidature elect to withdraw from their studies.

Response to thesis examiner reports qut

This allows the Graduate School to evaluate the reports in their entirety prior to providing feedback on the corrections required. Circumstances where the Committee may terminate a candidate can include but are not limited to the following:. Comparative essay Examples of business planning advice type of essay include compare, report and contrast or differentiate questions.

The second component is mandatory research training as prescribed by the Research Degrees Committee and advised to candidates upon enrolment.

Knowledge creation would encompass creative and professional practice and reflection on this practice. Revised policy to clarify procedures regarding unsatisfactory thesis and reference added for Conflict of Interest management responsibilities.


response to thesis examiner reports qut

Both supervisors must be current academic staff members. The Research Degrees Committee will normally only approve concurrent enrolment in exceptional circumstances. This may be insights into practice itself, materials, culture — whatever. Site search Search Menu. Course requirements will normally outline progress reporting requirements that facilitate monitoring and feedback.

Response to thesis examiner reports qut

Committee is aware that both theses and examiners’ reports can differ. Circumstances responsse the Committee may terminate a candidate can include but are not limited to the following: Any variation to the course will require approval in accordance with the course requirements.

On the basis of these reports, the Dean of the Graduate School determines the examination outcome. Confidential examinations It is generally understood that all theses are dealt with in a confidential manner by examiners in all cases. OR External Examiner report: The results of the research must be clearly documented and fully explained, showing their relevance.

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Higher degree research is also referred to as postgraduate research. Faculties and institutes may also award scholarships and are responsible for administration of grant-in-aid awards.

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