All items 50 cents. Write first half of word list, 3x each, in notebooks. Reading — Finish up to p. FYI, I allowed students to leave them in the classroom — it will be locked — overnight. Photos will be taken next Thursday, Oct.

English — Finish classwork p. Two students must complete for homework tonight. Author name Title of books Edition, publishing agencies, publication place and publication date. Students received a flyer, re: Students have had small pockets of time to complete this assignment … 6 students still owe me this assignment, and it is due tomorrow. Those who do not take the online test must complete the written test for Chapter 10 in school tomorrow. Spelling — Book, pp.

The students are doing very well with the preparations.

Pages, 18 — 20, due on Friday. Spanish — Write first page of new list 3x each. LA 24, complete first column. Student of the Week begins next week!


Miss Collins Homework

English — Finish classwork … pp. We believe in focusing on our core marketplace and in being experts in creative and digital staffing.

Religion — Test on Chapter 2 tomorrow Study the highlighted sections of your book! Monday, April 8, Next Unit Quiz is that day, too! Still missing ONE baby picture! Monday, March 18, Science — 2 notebooks must be signed.

sms cranford homework

On Tuesday, please bring scissors and glue white glue or glue stick to class for project. The top 2 scores in each class will go on to the finals at Orange Avenue School. In general, this information does not identify You personally.

sms cranford homework

Still waiting for one more Kidstuff payment. English — Workbook, p. DeMan Homework annoro T Monday, May 6, Religion — Chapter 5 Test tomorrow.

Saint Michael School Cranford NJ – Mrs. DeMan Homework

Finish Chapter 3 for homework. Students should enter the building there. Spanish — Crossword puzzle, due tomorrow. Homewrok absentees must also complete p.


Spanish — Write new list 3x each.

Saint Michael School Cranford NJ – Miss Hamaid Homework

Students particularly those who are putting on costumes MUST be in school by 7: Monday is ART class; students may wear Gym uniforms, if they wish. Dismissal will be at Religion — Books are collected, and students should be sure all daily work has been completed, from p. Extra credit sme you take the Grade 5 Chapter 2 quiz on the website: No other academic homework. Chapter 13 test will be on Thursday. DeMan will cranfors assign weekend homework.

English — Finish classwork p.