If the lack of reliability cannot be attributed to a , b , or c , then the problem is usually with the coders and may perhaps be solved by more careful selection, more thorough training, shorter operation periods, etc. Content analysis; qualitative research; psychology. The creation of knowledge through case study research. According to Glaser and Strauss theoretical sampling is the process of collecting data from relevant cases to generate a theory. Technical fuzziness of qualitatively oriented research needs to be balanced by theoretical stringency.

Integrating quantitative and qualitative research: Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung , 7 1. Examining literature and practices in psychology that are related to human behavior are a common feature of psychological case study research; however, sometimes organizations, programs, and events are investigated using the theories and concepts that have evolved over the years Merriam, How to cite this article. There has been an ongoing debate on the appropriateness of different approaches and methods in social research.

There are two possibilities when it carries out an CA: Keywords case study research; content analysis; qualitative content analysis; qualitative research.

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For example, a common practice is the use of structured or semi-structured script from which the researcher conducts the interview. This analysis of complementing secondary data can help to ensure the quality of content analysis, especially validity MAYRING,p.

Original publicado em Quantitative and qualitative research: Berelson, Bernard Reuben The Figure 1with some adaptations, illustrates the view of this author, who introduces a model notion in the composition of the datum- phenomenon-theory triad, presenting it as a central element for the indirect test of theory and the mediation between and data and theory.


It is widely accepted that measurement or kohlbacheg methods of measurement should be as objective, reliable and valid as possible cf. The deduction serves, then, to the purpose of testing the adequacy of induction. The choices of which are dependent upon the research question sas well as the researcher personal judgement.

The author argues in favor of both case study research as a research strategy—trying to disprove the critiques just mentioned—and qualitative content analysis as a method of examination of data material.

This paper has citations. In fact, despite this openness, qualitative content analysis is strictly controlled methodologically and the material is analyzed in a step-by-step process see Section 4.

Kombination und Integration qualitativer und quantitativer Analyse Philipp Mayring These two mechanisms may vary and be combined in different ways, and their presence underpins the process of a standard categorical CA. The discovery of grounded theory.

The Use of Qualitative Content Analysis in Case Study Research

Verification of the specific instruments through pilot studies: The rising popularity of mixed methods approaches and the researcy of triangulation have already been mentioned briefly in the introduction of this paper. Qualitative and quantitative approaches.

The concern is with the general statements and phrases: Therefore, qualitative content analysis can be viewed as a comprehensive approach to data analysis, which seems to be especially suitable for case study research. All mistakes are solely mine.

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At this point, the induction is linked to the deduction. Stake has referred to the use of protocols to ensure accuracy and alternative explanations are called triangulation. According to them, the theories are constructed to explain the data, and not the reverse.


the use of qualitative content analysis in case study research kohlbacher

Research methods for business students 5th Ed. The relationship between datum, phenomena and theory came to occupy a prominent place on the agenda of philosophy of science from the publication of Qalitative and Woodward article. As a final stage the results are processed. In any case, quoting one of the most prominent experts in case study research, Robert K.

the use of qualitative content analysis in case study research kohlbacher

In this sense, it is necessary to be clear about the recording unit word, sentence, breaks of the sequence of phrases, silences, theme, etc. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 13 Content analysis; qualitative research; psychology. Therefore, qualitative content analysis offers usee rule-based, theory-guided method for analyzing interview transcripts, just in the way it is required by the principles of case study research.

We just mentioned theory-guided analysis as one of the special strengths of qualitative content ib see above, Section 5.