The bookstore arranges for the binding of the thesis by a local bindery and other services by University Microfilms International UMI. University Regulations and Format Guidelines. Applying for Graduation Online Step 1: The Thesis Writing workshop PowerPoint is available for viewing on this site. CSUF is committed to ensuring equal accessibility to our users. We’ll do our best to improve things and get you the information you need. The Graduate Studies Office must receive notification from the campus bookstore Titan Shops Copy Center that the thesis has been received for binding and microfilming by the official graduation date for each semester.

This section should not simply be a data dump. It includes everything you need to know. She will then issue you an add code to add SOCI It should orient the reader and provide a roadmap for where you are going in the rest of the You can reference the later chapters, which will discuss items in more detail. This should not just be a summary; you should develop a critical and clear analysis that highlights thematically the main arguments in your field. Print out the Thesis Manual. Thesis and Dissertation Please contact thesisdisshelpdesk fullerton.

Click on “Student Center” link Step 4: Introduction Introduce your research problem; what will you focus this study upon?

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University Regulations and Format Guidelines. No changes or additions will be allowed after the final signatures have been obtained.

You may apply for graduation prior to paying this fee, however, you must pay the fee in order to become an actual candidate for graduation.

thesis deadline csuf

Photocopied signatures are not acceptable for binding or microfilming. Follow the instructions for the discussion section below to guide how to engage in analysis; what do your findings mean, sociologically, and in scuf of your framing of the literature? One-on-one appointments are available.


It might be as simple as a replication of a previous study on a different population or dataset, dealdine a whole new way of thinking about an The key is to discuss how your research fits with what has been done before. To report problems or comments with this site, please contact pennivo fullerton. For qualitative theses, you should end this section with this theoretical discussion.

Please check upcoming workshops offered for graduate students. Thesis and Dissertation Please contact thesisdisshelpdesk fullerton.

Important Dates and Deadlines

An electric version of the manual, as well as templates, are available on the Graduate Studies website. Seek assistance from a Graduate Learning Specialist if needed. One set dadline the slides or separately mounted illustrative material is housed with the bound copy.

thesis deadline csuf

For graduate students currently working on their thesis and thesis proposal, thesis writing group is to support and help you write and keep writing. Click on “Student Center” link. Vsuf you can register for thesis hours, you must fill out a SOCI form.

The grade for the thesis is reported in the usual manner to the registrar by the appropriate faculty. CSUF is committed to ensuring equal accessibility to our users. Let us know about any accessibility problems you encounter using this website.

Variations from procedures and regulations should be referred to the Office of Graduate Studies for review. It is acceptable to use the notation [Insert Figure 1 about here] or [Insert Table 2 here] or place all tables and figures at the 5a.

Thesis writing workshops are offered every semester and highly recommended for anyone writing a thesis. Some graduate programs require style manuals or guides designed for journal articles. Appendices Any additional models or tests of alternative variable specifications that do not need to be discussed in detail but warrant a sentence or a paragraph in the results or discussion chapters should go Alternatively, you may want to present results graphically, or in an easier format for the reader such as predicted probabilities and then put the underlying tables e.


When the final draft is completed, the student obtains signatures on the approval page of all of the members of the committee.

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Graduate Learning Specialists If you need writing support, take advantage of the services provided by the Graduate Learning Specialists. Date and time are subject to change without notice. When the thesis is returned by the bindery, the bound copy is sent by the university bookstore to the library for circulation. Deadlines for submission are available on the Graduate Studies website or in the Graduate Studies Office.

Your Chair and Committee must approve your final version and complete the embargo section by signing the Thesis Verification Form. The university Career Center also maintains a listing of students and others who have indicated their availability for word processing assignments. Click on “Apply for graduation” link. This depends on your research design and epistemological and methodological objectives. Students should consult their graduate program adviser or thesis committee chair concerning the style manual used.