Plagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty. Except for direct quotations, all statements or arguments taken from literature must be paraphrased. Key words must be provided at the bottom of the abstract. Sign up using Email and Password. IV List of Tables and Figures ………………………………………………….. It, in fact, should be an updated version of the Literature Review section of the proposal.

Headings and sub-headings should be highlighted in bold. Sign up using Email and Password. Key words must be provided at the bottom of the abstract. Fish, crustacean and cephalopod fauna and their fisheries of the Paloh mangrove, Rajang Estuary, Sarawak. If the tables and figures are taken or adapted from others, the appropriate reference sources should be cited. Conclusion This section should be definitive and succinct.

Sign up using Email and Password. References All references cited in the text should be recorded. Floristic compositions and structures of forest at Bario Highlands, Sarawak.

thesis guideline unimas

Note that if your thesis is in English, you will need to provide the Bahasa Malaysia translation of your thesis title as an option to your msAbstract environment. If the method used has a standard protocol, state the method according to the existing protocol refer to the guidelines on preparing FYP proposal, STF Guidelkne tables, a caption should be written at the top of the table while for figures a caption should be written at the bottom of the figure.

Discussion This part should present the principles, relationships and general statements drawn based on the results obtained. Now it is up to you to show the information we need to help you. Objektif kajian ini adalah untuk mencari mutasi di dalam gen MLC-2 antara tisu normal dan tisu tumor usus besar dengan kaedah penghadaman endonuklease pemotong.


Graduate Studies Regulations

Literature Review This section should be devoted to the critical and relevant review of literature related to the studies. This means the last name s followed by the year for example: Pertemuan terkini melaporkan bahawa pengekspresan gen Ghesis adalah lebih rendah guidelins tisu usus besar tumor berbanding daripada tisu usus besar yang normal.

Table of Content All sections and their sub-sections hence, the headings and sub-headings should be listed appropriately with their associated page numbers. In referring to sources of literature, in-text citations should be included in the main body of text.

Printing quality- hardcopy of the report should be printed using laser printer.

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Thesis Template

Please help us and also you and add a minimal working example MWEthat illustrates your problem. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

This section must NOT contain any in-text citation. However, the acknowledgement should not exceed one page.

thesis guideline unimas

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Itemsshould be written using Times New Roman font size 12 Bold ; item 3 should be written using Times New Roman with font size 9.

Thesis Submission Guideline

English and Bahasa Malaysia abstract sections should be separated. Aspects for future direction can be stated, but must be concise and focus. Area of greatest diversity is not the origin of postglacial populations.

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thesis guideline unimas

Results If the results are abundant, it is advisable to separate this section from the discussion if it is not appropriate to be combined. Figures and tables can be included wherever necessary. I thezis a bit sad to see that you did not bother to follow the links i gave you.

Interpret your results in sentence form and expand it with simple and meaningful figures numbers. What is a minimal working example?

If it is not for you, something funny is going on on your side which we cannot reproduce. The maximum number of key words is FIVE 5 only. The objectives of the research also should be included in this part.