I was just starting to think I was the only person in the universe who did their PhD with manual references well, in the last 5 years, anyway! Endnote bugged out and turned all my odd references into gibberish instant coronary!!! Notify me of new comments via email. Yet, until it is reformed, academic writers need to spend considerable time to present all that information properly. If you use Firefox as your default browser, I strongly recommend installing and using it inside Firefox, as it is much easier.

This happened to me at the end of my PhD, and all the references moved position in the text. I am still in love with Citavi, which I already used for my master thesis and now again for my PhD. Now, however, I am finding more and more things that I do not like about it. No, neither for the previous version, tried that, too. A LOT has changed since those days.

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Typing in Hebrew, including thssis accents and pointing, was a breeze. For webdav — depending on your level of technical expertise, see e. A bit rushed for time re the deadline to submit the Project, not sure of the next step; from the above forum, Mendeley, Zotero, Citavi if Mac-ready?

Finally, it being open source, some components of Zotero are written and maintained by volunteers — mostly academics — such as the theeis style language http: Like the sound of the iPad apps. There are open source alternatives Zotero.


However, I am stuck on which reference manager to use. Unfortunately, this was during my comprehensive exams, so a rather stressful time. To me, the only problem with Endnote is that it does not run on linux.


Their customer service is usually good, and the support page has loads of topics to browse. Humbled that you took time to respond.

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wisperer It is wonderful at scraping meta data from PDFS and populating fields like author and publisher. Ifttt can also send an email with a specific subject line that my 2do app watches for and adds to my task list. It also is a really good advertisement for keeping regular backups!

thesis whisperer zotero

Working with others can sometimes result in duplicate items being saved to the Whksperer library. The admin at Zotero are not stopping at this, either.

For more than 8 months it happily synced between my work PC and my home Mac laptop. I keep everything in dropbox or any other cloud service to keep things synced. Mendeley The Thesis Whisperer.

Here is my experience with both EndNote X4 and Zotero. At uni it is fine, at our new house the internet pipe is not so lovely. New and interesting links weekly Bailie’s bus. Theiss anyone assure me of a citation-come reference mgtm program with cross-platform compatibility that does not have serious issues?

thesis whisperer zotero

What do you think? Well, about 30 thssis ago Endnote seems to have had a stroke and deleted almost all of the citations for an entire chapter of my PhD thesis. Hi Gabriel, sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Two better alternatives are: Now, Zotero is my deepest love affair although I constantly migrant files between EndNote and Zotero simply for backup purpose.


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Quickly correct any errors. The folks at MS giggled and the tech person at Endnote told me the program was never meant for a personal computer, or was it the other way around? The best Customer Support Software includes a clear and organized dashboard, scalable knowledge base application, functional asset management solution. EndNote has always been fine.

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Dhisperer goodness for pages like this. Maybe they are there, but I missed them. I copy and paste my notes and annotations from Mendeley to Citavi and from there use them to write, write, write and cite, cite, cite! It also spectacularly fails to properly cite things like chapters in edited volumes from time to time.