There are many highly expressive components in this datum, but the word merely in the last sentence of the target text has a totally expressive function. Itulah yang di dapatkan si pembaca dari buku ini. Based on the linguistic forms and stylistic features employed by the author, this poem is originally written in poetic essay form. Erza Wayang rated it it was amazing Apr 20, By choosing this expression, the translator does not preserve the original form of the word order hadapanmu, junjunganku that produces repeated final vowel [u] in the target text with the corresponding repeated sounds.

Initially, Reiss sought to establish a correlation between text type and translation method, arguing for the need to preserve the predominant function of the text in translation. This method scrutinizes the translation shift, especially the expression shift and the intralinguistic criteria comprising semantic, lexical, grammatical, and stylistic features. Based on the linguistic forms and stylistic features employed by the author, this poem is originally written in poetic essay form. Hardcover , pages. Moreover, the focal point in this paper is Poem No. Jennifer’s edited volume, Between Tongues:

Kemudian di beri keindahan dengan sajak-sajak penyair yang baru di ketahui si pembaca. Khemal Prasasti rated it really liked it Feb 07, May 24, Makuswara Shasarazade mohmad it it was amazing.

Goenawan Mohamad employs several examples of metaphor and also personification which also can be classified as metaphor, i. In the target text, several pairs of half-rhyme are observed in There are noidols, no negotiations.

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Meanwhile, it involves the difference in the number of words employed of this expression in the source text and also target text. Arus yang di masuki si pembaca berbeda dari realita kehidupan dia setiap hari. Ketika Majalah Tempo kembali terbit setelah Pak Harto diturunkan padaberbagai perubahan dilakukan seperti perubahan jumlah halaman namun tetap mempertahankan mutunya.


The metaphors karena nyanyi tak menatapmu, tak membacamu, di mana kedekatan membutakan kata-kata, and also Nyanyi http: Goenawan Mohamad is one of Indonesia’s foremost literary figures and public intellectuals, and this translated volume of essays, from todemonstrates the breadth of his perceptive and elegant commentary on literature, faith, mythology, politics, history and Indonesian life.

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An Advanced Resource Book. Therefore, in terms of phonological features, end rhymes are basically not utilized in the original poem, both in the source text and in the target text. There are 99 selected poems compiled in the collection, exploring the breadth of his belief and contemplation to God, religious moments, and also poetic experiences with the expressionsthatat the first sight do not explicitly referred to God.

Esai-esai pendek Goenawan, seolah mampu membawa ku terbang. GM was among the writers and intellectuals who signed the Cultural Manifest inwhich was perceived as running counter to the policies of President Sukarno, resulting in GM no longer being allowed to write for any published media. Si penyair mungkin tak akan tahu apakah yang ditulisnya nanti jelek, tapi nanti ia akan tahu apakah yang ditulisnya palsu.

There are no idols, no negatiations with meaning.

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GM, who turns 74 this year, remains healthy and fit, mostly because he runs regularly. Therefore, the analysis of the source text and the translated text is needed to reveal the answer to this problem. Open Preview See a Problem? Thus, mohamzd indicates a class shift is applied by the translator. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Esai-esai Goenawan Mohamad, by Goenawan Mohamad. Phonologically, several of those musical devices in the source text is not preserved in the target text as the translator decides to maintain the sense and meaning of the poem which also results in another kind of musical device exploited.


The linguistic forms and stylistic features employed by the author in this poetic essay are both maintained and altered by the translator.

essay goenawan mohamad

Kata, Waktu sebagian besar dari buku ini di ambil dari Catatan Pinggir, yang diterbitkan oleh Majalah Tempo. Mungkin “Kata” dan “Waktu” yang akan mengajarkan kita untuk lebih arif memahami dan melakukan.

essay goenawan mohamad

One of the problems is whether the translation is able to fulfill its translation quality required by maintaining the expressive function of the original text and the strategies of the translator in achieving this function in his translation.

Sejenak meninggalkan dunia yang fana ini. Apr 10, Sweetdhee marked it as to-read Shelves: Nyanyi adalah suara dalam jurang, di mana kedekatan membutakan kata-kata. Furthermore, in operative text type, both content and form are considered subordinate to the extralinguistic effect that the text is designed to achieve. Ia menulis sejak berusia 17 tahun, dan dua tahun kemudian menerjemahkan puisi penyair wanita Amerika, Emily Dickinson.

Bertemu dengan orang-orang yang meninggalkan sejarah dan luka bukan hanya pada satu negeri tapi lebih universal. Towards a General Theory of Translational Action: Correspondence in this research is a relation of formal and functional equality between elements of the translation and the source text.

Furthermore, the main function of informative text is to inform the readers about objects and phenomena in the real world that the choice of linguistic and stylistic forms is considered subordinate.