The services recommended are communications-centric services, horizontal applications, some selected vertical applications to be delivered and more complex managed services. Inattention to organizational capabilities will almost ensure that a promising strategy delivers disappointing results, as a result, we will go out from the Status Quo Swisscom has and see what strategic chasm needs to be bridged. Moreover, with strong competition and the high rate of mobile penetration in Switzerland, customer retention costs have increased substantially, which is putting additional pressure on margins. The key developments shaping operator strategy in this dynamic market situation – and that we believe apply to Swisscom – the leader and incumbent player in the small Swiss market – are as follows: During this course of the thesis, four fundamental questions will be enlightened: Here, amongst others a setup of a second headquarter in Vienna and a long-term employment guarantee for Telekom Austria employees would have not been accepted by the board of governors.

In the fixed market, this is leading to stagnating or falling revenues. Yet here prices are declining due to commoditisation. Here, it shows that some suppliers to the ICT IT and Telecommunications market are also players in the IT Services side – thus vertical integration does happen here to some extent and to some market segments – mainly in the larger account space. The fundamental question is: During this course of the thesis, four fundamental questions will be enlightened: The current growth outlook in revenues and free cash flow are modest and in some cases declining.

In order to compete with other broadband access operators more effectively, Swisscom has already had to reduce its ADSL access tariffs significantly. These see opportunities based around sisscom to enter the market.

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The total Market opportunity for Telecom Services in Switzerland amounts to ca. Smaller IT Services activities – we will look at the IT Services chain later – are still open and well in competition. Yet here prices are declining due to commoditisation. This shows evidence thexis the first erosion of the traditional voice revenues. To make things even worse: Simply investing ,aster in a planned way and taking away profits from the investors is not an option any company – especially not Swisscom – might pursue.


The total net profits after taxes did amount to 1. In common with every other geography, competition is intensifying.

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Moreover, with strong competition and the high rate of mobile penetration in Switzerland, customer retention costs have increased substantially, which thewis putting additional pressure on margins. Should it invest internationally or should it remain mainly in Switzerland or – lastly should it give back all the profits and cash to its investors through dividends or share buybacks. In this Thesis we will look at the performance gap Swisscom has and will quantify this statement of the shortfall between current business results and those that should be expected.

This also affects Swisscom.


Sign in to write a comment. We expect to see further pressure on voice prices over time as mobile operators look to increase the rate of substitution of fixed traffic and VoIP begins to disrupt traditional pricing models even further.

master thesis swisscom

Here, msster will look what this new business design might look like. The telecommunications industry continues to evolve at a rapid rate driven by changes in the pattern of customer demand, technological innovation, regulatory intervention and the entry of new players. Due to the need to supply, the prices on this corner have been dwindling down at astounding double digit rates.

Yet the underlying growth assumptions on both revenue and profit remain shaky in light of increased competition and market saturation in all segments besides the swiszcom of new disruptive technologies such as VoIP which are expected to erode the enterprise market voice segments, a key segment very soon. In this quantified assessment the discrepancy between current business results and those achievable with a new business design will be looked at whilst encompassing the looming new disruptive technologies – Voice Over IP and Siwsscom Wireless LAN above.

As a result, Switzerland has one of the most advanced Telecommunications and IT Services systems which are prone to increasing competition. Swisscom is generating value through providing services to end-users and to companies. Miscellaneous Strenthening corruption whistleblowin Its foreign Subsidy Debitel has been sold to the investor Premira soon, yet Swisscom took an extra goodwill depreciation of ca.


Competition for business customers is particularly intense, as Thesjs and TDC have been increasing their efforts to win market share in this segment.

The overall aim is to cut costs and to become more competitive on the external market. However, again according to BNP Paribas, “this should not translate into strong margin pressure, as all operators focus on profitability and Swisscom puts quality subscriber growth before market share gains at any price”. Whereas the telecommunications marketplace has historically comprised companies with very similar strategies, we are already seeing increasing diversity in the strategies adopted as operators react to the more challenging competitive environment.

Now Swisscom investors – public funds and the Swiss Eidgenossenschaft – are being used to Swisscom as a cash cow paper which is generating growing profits. In each of these mwster, it is important for Swisscom to face the changes that are looming as a result of disruptive technologies and to develop a model that achieves revenue generation at a lower cost base.

On top, more unified messaging and multimodal solutions emerge and will enhance the functionality of the mobile theais. In the enterprise market, companies are already looking for converged voice and data services as the norm.

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Already, a key field of growth has been identified by Swisscom in the IT Services arena – an area where Swisscom is currently adding ca.

Consulting and Integration hence tends to be msater specialised and lives from key individuals. Yet by nature, they are interlinked and interlocked – which can be seen in the process diagrams swisscim descriptions and – also in the balance sheet – there are substantial intercompany revenues mln CHFwhich means that some parts of the Swisscom Group do rather act as internal suppliers, mainly Swisscom Systems and Swisscom IT Services.