It was further noted that each Matatu also created two indirect jobs. Determinants of growth oriented small and medium enterprises in Nairobi, Kenya. The Invisible Revolution in the Third World. K Sessional paper 1, Journal of Small Business Management, 35 1 , The researcher therefore, based on these findings concludes that managers should have a clean and high quality track record to help the SMEs access finance more easily to achieve the set goals.

Cooperative Centenary in India. Sanctions for non-compliance with the law as opposed to persuasive guidelines have also been introduced. It is a degree to which results obtained from the analysis of the data actually represents the phenomenon under study. An analysis of factors affecting performance of Matatu enterprises sector: Gender of the Respondents Source: Ligthelm et al states that financial management is a crucial field within the environment of the small and medium enterprises thus present numerous potential obstacles. Do you train your employees?

Research Methods in the Social Sciences. To ensure reliability of the instrument, a pilot study was carried out.

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Corruption reduces the levels of profitability in the Matatu business. Issues concerning the tax burden on PSV operators are at centre stage; Policies relating to the cost of insurance and the extent to which PSV operators can afford; Government policy on PSV vehicles importation i.

Matatu fall under the public service vehicles PSV here in Kenya. Research Data As shown in the table 4.

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Some of the notable challenges are: It also seeks to integrate various modes of existing transport systems, many which are informal, into a larger formal system World Bank, All these challenges lead to poor performance in Matatu business.

Entrepreneurial characteristics among micro and small-scale women-owned enterprises in North and Central Meru district, Kenya. Prior to the new government regulations, the PSV industry had been operating without proper regulations and comprehensive policy to guide it.


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Those firms that engage less than 10 employees are referred to as micro- enterprises, those that employ 10 to 49 workers are small-scale enterprises and workers are referred to as the medium enterprises Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis, Economic Costs, Benefits and Policy Concerns.

It was established that in each Matatu in Nairobi created direct employment for at least two thwsis at a cost of Kshs. Since the number of management were key in decision making and to this study the researcher decided to use all management of five SACCO to be used in this study.

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The frequency tables, charts and figures were used to present the results for easier understanding and interpretation. According to the Ministry of Cooperative Development and Marketing, it is estimated that there are around 25, Matatus operating in the country.

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Business Skills in the Matatu SACCOs The International Centre for Economic Growth states that most entrepreneurs start a kmu because of reasons such as the availability of funds and opportunities then embark to learn about it while operating it. He discovered that Matatu employees work under different conditions.

McRae asserts that the potential of the education system to contribute further to the growth of an entrepreneurship culture has not been harnessed. Research Data The results in table 4. The individuals who were involved in answering the questionnaires answered the questions based from their opinions but not from the existing facts mlu the organization.

The absence of a proper regulatory framework and the relaxing of the Michuki Rules have also led the Matatu crews to practice collusion with the police Kimani et al The instruments were pre-tested through formag pilot study before the actual data collection to enhance reliability.


The Policy Framework 9.

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Do you train your 20 45 25 10 formzt Republic of Kenya They began as an illegal transport entity. The analysis based on the City Council of Nairobi surveys of indicates that the Matatu mode of transport played an important role in the public sector in Nairobi. Thus, it is rare to conceive a situation over space where transportation does not play a notable role in the life of any individual or society at large. Sanctions for non-compliance with the law as opposed to persuasive guidelines have also been introduced.

According to Mugenda and Mugenda, validity is the accuracy and meaningfulness of inferences, which is based on the research results.

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The researcher produced the copies mkuu the research introduction letter from the Mount Kenya University which gave the respondents confidence in giving out the information. When the employees and employers kku the matatu industry operators agree on better working conditions, productivity will automatically improve and the issue of remuneration and working for long hours will be looked at positively. This response rate was considered sufficient for the purposes of the study.

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