If we are unable to hire and train sufficient numbers of effective sales personnel, or if the sales personnel are not successful in obtaining new customers or increasing sales to our existing customer base, our business will be adversely affected. We also do not have control over the operations of the facilities of our data center providers or AWS. Our solution functions as an intelligent subscription management hub that automates and orchestrates the entire subscription order-to-cash process. If we or our customers are unable to transfer data between and among countries and regions in which we operate, it could decrease demand for our solution, require us to modify or restrict our solution, products, services, or operations, and impair our ability to maintain and grow our customer base and increase our revenue. Table of Contents services depends on several factors, including timely completion, competitive pricing, adequate quality testing, integration with new and existing technologies and our solution, and overall market acceptance. Moreover, current and future competitors may also make strategic acquisitions or establish cooperative relationships among themselves or with others, including our current or future technology partners.

Our customer contracts typically provide for service level commitments, which relate to annual uptime, response times, and escalation procedures. Any failure of or disruption to this software and infrastructure could also make our solution unavailable to our customers. Economic uncertainty and associated. There has been considerable activity in our industry to develop and enforce intellectual property rights. Dated March 16, If our efforts to expand sales and renewals to existing customers are not successful, our business and operating results could be adversely affected.

Consolidated Balance Sheet Data: There can be no assurance that additional patents will be issued or that any patents that are issued will provide significant protection for our intellectual property.

Ncr case study zuora

Our historical results are not necessarily indicative of the results to be expected in the future. The costs of compliance with, and other burdens imposed by, the GDPR may limit the use and adoption of our products and services casw could have an adverse impact on our business. Income tax benefit provision. Our operations in international markets may not develop at a rate that supports our level of investment.

We expect that an increasing transition to disaggregated solutions that focus on addressing specific customer use cases would continue to disrupt the enterprise software space, enabling new competitors to emerge. We could be required to expend significant capital and other resources to alleviate the problem, as well as incur significant costs and liabilities, including due to litigation, indemnity obligations, damages for contract breach, penalties for violation of applicable laws or regulations, and costs for remediation and other incentives offered to customers or other nvr partners in an effort to maintain business relationships after a breach or other stuy.


In addition to risks related to cae requirements, use of open source software can involve greater risks than those associated with use of third-party commercial software, as open source licensors generally do not provide warranties, assurances of title, performance, non-infringement, or controls on the origin of the software.

Table of Contents Similarly, in-house custom built ndr usually require a significant amount of engineering and IT resources to build and maintain and frequently prove to be inadequate as companies seek to expand their offerings and operations.

Any negative publicity relating to stidy employees, partners, or others associated with these parties, may also tarnish our own reputation simply by association and may reduce the value of our brand.

ncr case study zuora

Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense. We believe we are still in the early stages of the Subscription Economy, with an inevitable multi-industry and multi-decade global shift toward subscription business models.

In some circumstances, we may choose to not pursue enforcement because an infringer has a dominant intellectual property position or for other business reasons.

As we expand into new verticals and regions, we will likely need to comply with these and other requirements to compete effectively. In the event of further growth of our operations or nncr the number of our third-party relationships, our information technology systems and our internal controls and procedures may not be adequate to support our operations.

NCR Corporation customer references of Zuora

Because our products atudy services are used by our customers for billing and financial accounting purposes, it is critical that our solution be accessible without interruption or degradation of performance, zuoar we typically provide our customers with service level commitments with respect to annual uptime.

We also do not have control over the operations of the facilities of our data center providers or AWS. Many of our current and potential competitors have longer operating histories, significantly greater financial, technical, marketing, distribution or professional services experience, or other resources or greater name recognition than we do.

Interest and other expense income, net. Instead, we are subject to the standard terms and conditions for application developers of Salesforce, which govern the distribution, operation, and fees of applications on the Salesforce platform, and which are subject to change by Salesforce from time to time.

Our competitive position may be harmed if we cannot detect infringement and enforce our intellectual property rights quickly or at all.

ncr case study zuora

Further, pursuant to Section of the JOBS Act, as an emerging growth company, we have elected to take advantage of the extended transition period for complying with new or revised accounting standards until those standards would otherwise apply to private companies. Accordingly, the effect of significant downturns in sales and market acceptance of our solution, and potential changes in our pricing policies or rate of renewals, may not be fully reflected in our operating results until future periods.


We may in the future seek to acquire or invest in additional businesses, products, technologies, or other assets.

ncr case study zuora

Caze may take advantage of these exemptions until such time that we are no longer an emerging growth company. We have limited experience with respect to determining the optimal prices for our platform, and, as a result, we have in the past needed to and expect in the future to need to change our pricing model from time to time.

Accordingly, our future success depends in part upon growth in this market and the ability of our Zuora RevPro product to meet the demand for revenue recognition automation solutions. We rely on various intellectual property rights, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets, as well as confidentiality provisions and contractual arrangements, to protect our hcr rights.

If we lose the services of senior management or other key personnel, or if we are unable to attract, train, assimilate, and retain the highly skilled personnel we need, our business, operating results, and financial condition could be adversely affected.

The application of federal, state, local, and international tax laws to services provided electronically is evolving. Research and development 1.

We generally charge our customers a flat fee for their use of our platform and a variable fee based on the amount of transaction volume they process through our system. Our solution functions as an intelligent subscription management hub that automates and orchestrates the entire subscription order-to-cash process.

If we are unable to meet the stated service level commitments or suffer extended periods of unavailability for our solution, we may be contractually obligated to provide these customers with service credits, refunds for prepaid amounts ncrr to.

You are required to inform yourself about, and to observe any restrictions relating to, this offering and the distribution of this prospectus outside of the United States.