A, a, A , a , A , a , and all hand-written or hand-lettered forms. Following 3 Followed by 4 Selections 1. Even though I use a weather app that inform me of temperature, wind direction, wind speed and humidity, the numbers in the app do not really help me understand how we feel weather. This work explores the nature of protection, security and susceptibility. Gestural Counterforms Writing is a means of accessing, understanding, and re-forming our ideas.

To me, music is an inherently visual discipline. This proposal offers a range of iconographic, utilitarian emoji which would allow communication of complex information during critical situations. By exploring and exploiting the limitations of digital instruments, I reveal the breadth of the human experience surrounding them, including those of their creators, directors, users and recipients. While Timeface is based on my process for one particular typeface, it also provides insights into some of the mechanics of type design in general. My practice investigates the spatial qualities and dimensions of graphic design at three distinct scales. To what extent does an image become recognizable as a face? Timeline of Wars in History is a laser-cut book that comprises a record of all wars noted in the historical record from to the present.

risd mfa graphic design thesis

Each track is playable and all can be played simultaneously. Clicks translate to circles, resize to triangles, and keyboard interaction As for composition and content, these were a combination of arbitrary references photo, news, type and more interest-based decisions song lyrics, liner notes, logos.

Llewellyn Hensley Content—Aware serves as a platform for investigating structure, corruption, and visual interference. The installation will open on May 27 at 7 pm and will remain on view from May 28 — June 1 from pm.

A custom interaction idea for a website. Stretch My Hands — The Life of Pablo This project is my answer to losing the physical record and its cover art to small thumbnail representations and sterile file-lists in the world of music streaming and digital libraries. Reassemble is a toaster that is a 1: How can the museum space create occasions for visitors to have overlapping deign with each other?


Although the technology needed to accomplish the real—time facial recognition, mesh creation and feature application was patented inonly recently has the processing power of mobile devices been strong enough to run the application.

What created a computer—which is also the rrisd that was used to create this very text—is rooted in a curiosity of mechanizing this unique property of humans, the ability of falling in and out of strange loops.

Timeface is an infographic typeface that grapbic the time investment and logic involved in type design. Like disd projector calibrator, that is being projected or printer tests that tests the printer that prints the test itself.

This is why the abstract is not meant for the reader of this book but it is written for a librarian. The toaster itself demands that at least two people are present to use the appliance, making it an inherently anti-individualistic form. Using storytelling methods, I portray a certain object, machine or system in a way that deviates from its intended purpose. The hand interests me as a physical form of the written gesture.

Where there is a system, there is a story.

To me, music is an inherently visual discipline. As human beings, we are constantly measuring our lives and implementing systems of standardization.

Through a range of design methodologies, I approach this investigation as both actor and observer, agent and critic. Following 3 Followed by 4 Selections 1.


RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition – Graphic Design USA

Instrumentals was a semester-length experiment in concentrated form-making. The idea for this installation was to locate a void in the city and activate it by using exhibit design techniques. By exploring and exploiting the limitations of digital instruments, I reveal the breadth of the human experience surrounding them, including those of their creators, directors, users dessign recipients.

risd mfa graphic design thesis

To Hear is to See To me, music is an inherently visual discipline. Hey, Candidate Hey, Candidate discusses how identity is constructed through information disseminations. However, we, as graphic designers, can also effectively exercise while working professionally in the studio. These were flowed into a matrix of aesthetic styles, content possibilities, and compositional inspiration, which allowed for chance operation to dictate how I might begin each composition.

In rid to achieve physical fitness within your studio process, here are some solutions for you. One hundred forty-nine days abroad. Process magenta duotone was applied to subvert the heroic, hyper-masculine forms.


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Following its working method, I pixelate my face to test the limitation of the program and reconstruct the essential color blobs to piece graphicc faces that are legitimate to the system.

People are likely to define themselves in terms of what is relevant to their time and place, in other words, context. The inherent absurdity of this mega toaster highlights the individualistic orientation of mass-produced consumer goods.