However, since no-one else has commented on Matt Brown’s volte-face at post The answer to Q3 is undeniably a. But I’m sure everyone would see right through the inadequacy of that stat, just as it’s a matter of course to use statistics on GCSE grades A to C as a proxy for comparison to O-level statistics in years gone by. I think that the third question was of “old” A-level standard. With the aid of technology in schools and enhanced coursework books and media coverage they might well be better informed, although they may suffer from inferior teachers. Low pay, having to learn a new set of people skills, using none of the Physics knowledge you’ve learned on your course probably even less, as Physics qualifications get easier and little chance of significant promotion once past head of department or headmaster?

Using the first motion equation given with acknowledgement to Sir Isaac. Worried about my ears, though. It seems to be just something that happens with old age but you always hear things like “it wasnt like that in my day” etc but rember its not your day anymore. Good, a few of us seem to have got c,c,a so I don’t feel all that dumb. Also amazing how many people bragged at getting the answer when in my opinion they were wrong. If it wasn’t for fundamental physics half of your loved ones would be dead. Also, the multiple choice made it easier, since the claculations for the 2nd part was made redundant after I calculated the 1st part.

There is also a widespread tendency to use expressions which are inferior to the old e. It’s not perfect, but please get off that ‘not as hard as it was in my day’ hobby-horse.

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So please dont assume that the entire A-level is that easy! Both vertical and horizontal. Exam technique also plays too much of mgx part in these test to indicate intelligence. The Physics “skills” being looked for in last night’s homework would be incorporated in one question in the A-levels of the 60s.


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Only three questions for homework? Shhow, culture when explored rigoriously, is far more intellectual and demanding than any undergraduate science course. Sorry but the horizontal speed would only be a red herring if the question had asked for the vertical component of the speed at which it struck the ground. Nope, he suddenly starts juggling! Finally, I want to tell you a secret.

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Are you making the assumption that the ground is smooth and horizontal? That is a very special sort of person, and that type of person either needs to be cultivated or born into it.

When British industry shw genuinely to value Physics degrees, like Germany, hkmework India, like China then the Physics classes will be full. It is perfectly acceptable in our society to be innumerate – just watch Jeremy Paxman’s face when a graph is presented – where as to be illiterate is a far bigger stigma. Where do they come from? In the sense of these suvat equations s, u, v, a, t I would hope that the students were tasked to derive them at some point In terms of raising application numbers to teach Physics, though, Mu can comment.

O-Level 58yo In the 3rd question horizontal velocity is a mhs herring. It woud be interesting if Philip could sit A levels from say, I regret not starting this process earlier.

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I hope the reporter tried this first before checking our answers. I’d like to see him even attempt a week on a full timetable.

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Calculate the resultant, in magnitude and direction to the horizontal, of the following pair of forces: Also students who stay here for their education continue on to A2, whilst those who took G. I’m not criticising you for the quality of education that you’ve received – if anything, you’re an innocent victim of all of this.


A lot of people, myself included will see these questions as Maths covered in Mechanics 1 AS module, June 06which has also proved to be a poorly taught subject in some schools, though it is now improving. In the roughly 3 hours that I ended up playing MGS4 this week it felt like I spent the majority of my time just watching cutscenes.

Children enjoy hands-on, regardless of ability. What led me to do Physics at A level and to attempt a Maths degree, was I had an aptitude in these subjects that I didn’t have in languages or Arts.

I could easily gain a couple of marks at the beginning of any exam and then complain at the standard. To assert that there is no ambiguity when several obviously intelligent people have come to a different conclusion is somewhat arrogant. Exam grades now permeate every young person’s existence, and given the option of taking a simple subject most students make the, clearly logical, choice of shunning the more difficult subjects. If you imagine what happens when you throw a ball across the floor it doesn’t bounce vertically upwards after striking the ground.

Vectors and equations of motion are only the first thing we cover at the beginning of A-level, it’s not even full AS-level standard.