Interruption of Study Form. One model for the general style of this part of the thesis is articles in Clinical Psychology Review. Pass conditional on minor corrections one month A thesis which meets the criteria for a pass, but has some weaknesses that are fairly readily correctable. A Fail should be given when the work undertaken by the candidate is irredeemable, i. The more important or innovative the topic or method, the more forgivable are shortcomings: Volume 2 Volume 2 begins with a title page, which says “Case Reports and Service-Related Research Project”, then lists on separate lines your name, “D.

Margins at the binding edge should be 4cm. The thesis requires a very substantial re-conceptualisation, rewriting, or re-analysis to be brought up to passing standard. If the candidate is working in a team or analysing previously collected data the candidate’s personal contribution must be clearly defined. These guidelines describe what goes into each part of the thesis and how it all fits together. Test are available for reference or short-term loan to course staff and trainees.

Look at recent theses for models of layout and formatting ask your UCL supervisor to recommend one or two.

Guidelines for Writing and Presenting the Thesis

Conciseness of expression is greatly valued by the examiners, who may require overly wordy theses to be shortened. This form is used to request an extension of longer than one week on the grounds that tesis practical problem has arisen on placement that means that there is a predictable delay in gathering the clinical material for the report.

The Introduction gives the background to the topic and ends with a clearly specified question that the review will address. It should specify the number of papers reviewed. There is only one set of appendices for all of Volume 1, placed at the end of the volume.


ucl dclinpsy thesis

Here are some forms related to the Major Research Project. The criterion of acceptability is that the candidate is making a substantial independent contribution to the study. The steps in the narrowing down process are usually illustrated by a flowchart. If it falls short of ulc the required corrections, it will be referred to the chair of the exam board. The Method section dclibpsy the inclusion and exclusion criteria for the studies to be reviewed and the search strategy for locating them.

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Proposal for Research Expenses. Also, please note that Turnitin only allows one submission every 24 hours, so you will need to factor this in to any plans for checking and resubmission. Out of Pocket Test Camden and Islington travel claim form. A Fail should be given when the thesiss undertaken by the candidate is irredeemable, i.

As described above, Volume 2 is separately paginated.

When uploading Volume 1 please call the file ‘Volume 1 [First name] [Family name]’. Part 3 the critical appraisal with a title page just saying “Part 3: These notes should be read in conjunction with the trainees’ guidelines on the major research project and on writing and presenting the thesis. Please use the below form for recording your AL. It is no longer possible for students to apply for extenuating circumstances to be taken into account in advance of taking an examination.

Annual Leave Form – Intake The Introduction ends with your research questions or hypotheses. On the next page there is the table of contents, giving the full title, as below; there is no need to list tables and appendices.


You can model it on papers in any mainstream peer-reviewed clinical psychology journal, e. Send it to thesid Research Administrator at pals. Although one of the benefits of joint work is that it enables a division of labour and a sharing of resources, the writing up must be completely independent; that is, all parts of a trainee’s thesis including the Method section of the empirical paper must be written by the trainee alone.

Examiners’ criteria for evaluating the thesis

Interruption of Study Form. The review paper of approximately 8, words not including tables and references is a focused review of a body of literature relevant to the research topic. It should pose a question and then systematically examine the empirical literature that addresses that question.

The following text must be specified on the spine – D. The library have produced a useful document available on the Project Support Moodle site outlining the e-thesis submission procedure.

ucl dclinpsy thesis

The deadlines for the one-month, three-month and one-year resubmissions will be decided at the exam board. Please let the Research Administrator know if you have any suggestions for additional items. This document explains how to access additional funds for the major research project.