What are the key requirements? You are invited to see my work here: You can complete two or three paid work term experiences in an area related to your studies while completing your BA or BSc. They can provide you with information on course planning, sequencing considerations, prerequisites, subject POSt, or work term report topics. These Coordinators are also your point of contact while on work term. This team oversees many of the administrative elements of the office:

There are three co-op courses available to support you in your work term job competition: A resume is an inventory of skills and accomplishments and a marketing tool that demonstrates you are qualified to do the job. This takes place in COPD A cover letter is a professional document that communicates a personalized message to the employer. This includes education, academic projects, co-curricular activities, volunteer, and paid employment and possibly hobbies For each activity, note the duties, skills, and accomplishments Review the job description. Bill Brennan, suggested I contact you about possible opportunities in media relations at Malooney, Wilstone and Massey. Strong presentation, public speaking and interpersonal skills, with a student-focused commitment to service delivery.

Lerter Areas Co-op is available in the following program areas: You can also visit our Resumes page for many of the resources which we refer to in this Tool. Order your assets based on the posting.

If customer service is the key qualification, start your second paragraph with that experience. In the UK, when they say CV they mean resume.

Explain why you are interested in the position and the organization. Lftter this provides you with another chance to market yourself to the employer Example 2: After successfully completing COPD01, you will receive your work term sequence and begin to work one-on-one with your Student Development Coordinator to tailor your job search documents resume, cover letter, references and develop interview preparation mock interviews.


utsc co op cover letter

Use a flowing, non-regimented writing style in the active voice. The Arts and Cl Co-op Office is responsible for preparing students in over 25 unique program areas to compete for paid co-op work opportunities. If you are short of space you can omit it or put it in a footer.

Your Co-op Support System

What 3 key skills do you have that the employer wants? Pay Scale Group and Hiring Rate: A position as a job title with name of organization where I can apply my skills in skill 1, skill 2, skill 3 to what result or outcome you can lettdr your targeted company Summary of Skills or Highlights of Letger points that emphasize your strong points; all of these points must be directly relevant to the job: At some point in your working life, you will need a resume, so why not create one that helps you lletter your talents, skills and accomplishments?

With a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, the department works closely with campus and employer partners to support students as they work to achieve their academic and Co-op aspirations.

utsc co op cover letter

Please note that a resume is not the same as a curriculum vitae CV! Cove position as a job title with name of organization where I can apply my skills in skill 1, skill 2, skill 3 to what result or outcome you can offer your targeted company. It should appear in the same format on your resume, cover letter, reference list, thank you letter and all other documentation. This team oversees the direction of the co-op program. Sincerely, Kris Leskin Encl. Demonstrated integrity, initiative, flexibility and creative problem solving, with a commitment to excellence and results orientation.

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At some point in your working life, you will need a resume, so why not create one that helps you showcase your talents, skills and accomplishments? The middle paragraph sat lwtter two or three, should explain why you are interested in this position and utwc organization, highlighting your strengths and abilities.


Academia likes left justified dates; employers generally do not mind which justification is used. This tool is optimized for use in Chrome.

Self-motivated learner with demonstrated commitment to professional growth and development.

You should always try to make yourself easily available for an employer to utssc you, but let them know if you will be out of town or unreachable at any particular time if need be. How to Use the Tool This tool is optimized for use in Chrome. State the name of the position you are applying to and where you saw the position advertised or how you heard about it.

Future Co-op Students

Use action verbs to emphasize relevant skills demonstrated in your previous experiences. Skip to main content. Experienced job seekers and second-time viewers may choose to use the lefthand Menu to select a resume building topic of interest to you. The cover letter should not surpass one page in length. Our Operations Staff at the front desk are happy to help you. Quantify your tasks to show concrete results. My primary contribution to this increase uhsc to send news releases to a dozen local media, three of which promoted the event and covered it on the day.