If we do this we can have the best of all — and that is what on intelligent person or community should be doing — alas India has not done it and got lost in the labyrinth of western notions at the cost of all that was ours. Today youth occupy most of the population of our country. The medium of instruction is also English, so far so good. Impact of western culture on india send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. It is a must to have economic advancement and liberalisation alongwith globalisation.

People are blindly following the western culture without knowing its consequences. The western culture has proved to be a setback for Indian culture, its rituals, its traditions and mannerism. Make the proper and benevolent images to worship where and when it is helpful. This distinction is, however, only of relative emphasis. But due to the increasing development… Due to globalization… the rich culture of India is disappearing.

This only points to the ugly fact that, eseay have got independence from the British only physically and politically but, mentally and culturally the onslaught on India has been complete. However, the sad part of this system is that, the schools that lay more stress on Hindi, or use the Hindi Medium of instruction, are known to be second rate schools. Some of the citizens of the nation are supporting the western culture by saying that without the western culture no country will become developed.

The age of losing virginity has gone down to teens — following the western culture, these days it has become a casual and usual trend to lose virginity as teenagers. This volume of change is not understandable.

westernisation in india essay

We need to give importance to our Indian culture which taught us to live in peace and harmony with other by the way of increasing our tolerance and patience. The two factory situation and home situation were separate spheres and had different standards of conduct and behaviour. Hai I am boyapati sireesha. Western culture is not altogether bad, although it has made our life faster but enhanced the technology has also made our life easier and comfortable.


And Singer accepts this fact It is understandable that Weternisation is growing in every field and there is necessity of knowing all the cultures and their traditions. Impact of cultures is felt elsewhere also and this is bound to be, when two people or two societies or two countries meet but, neither leaves its own system wholesale as in India.

westernisation in india essay

Everyone is wearing branded clothes, imported watches, designer accessories and what not. With lack in experience of a nuclear family due to the absence of grandfather and grandmother, and both parents working a child fails to learn ethical or moral values, and learn whatever little he sees and understands from the world and his teachers. indla

This introduces structural element in the sanskritisation model of social change. Western culture is based more on materialistic factors where as our culture has a spiritual base. The culture of India is been disappearing by many ways… the youths in India do not respect their elders, the families in India live separate… And thus have lost contacts with their other esasy. The medium of instruction is also English, kndia far so good.

Such centers are the basis of preserving the culture and offering education in them. Materialism stands for worldly possessions, wealth, canons of economics, material gains etc. This distinction is, however, only of relative emphasis.

Impact of western culture on india Essay

Click to learn more https: Could this be called attack on hierarchy and leveling of culture? The influence is also changing our education system.

westernisation in india essay

Preserve articles Essay on the impact of western culture on India Civilizations do meet and even merge but never has such an impact been witnessed as the impact of the west on India. The height of it all is seen when see that, a person who can communicate in English is known to be smarter than a person who cannot. Impact of western culture on india Essay Essay Topic: In Punjab, Sikkhism emerged as synthesis of the Hindu tradition with the Islamic movements of Sufism and mysticism.


Come together in groups regularly to participate in and discuss your culture, and develop the ways of defending it, especially when it is under attack or threatened by conversion groups who are under a foreign influence.

It is not a clear-cut distinction.

Essay on Westernisation in India ( Words)

Construct centers for prayer, worship, and practice. It is the responsibility of parents to inherit the same and for this it is very necessary that parents should also be well versed with Indian culture and traditions.

It implies that, not only have we taken to western styles, we also admire only them who follow the western styles, in comparison to those who follow the Indian styles. A Essxy view of the Indian scenario would depict a miniature or a distorted West in India. Westernisarion of westernization on Indian culture. India is land of Diversity.

This means that without going through the process weaternisation sanskritisation too, lower castes can rise in the social scale through structural changes, that is, through conflicts and war, through rise and fall of power, through political stratagems.