Speaker, this bill does nothing to meaningfully establish a supportive decision-making regime. It did however meet through the committee and was considered by the committee this morning, and it did pass with no amendments, nothing changed. A court will not interfere with the right unless it is necessary to do so. I’m sure that he or she will have supporting rationale as to why they’ve taken that position and the judge will make a determination based on facts. He was asking for my vote, and he came to my farm and sat with me on my verandah for about an hour. That all sounds really great but it’s really not because the Bus Stop, one of Halifax’s only accessible venues for performance, is at risk of falling victim to the changing landscape of Gottingen Street. But I can tell you, there’s something that the rural people have that the metro people don’t – and that is the ability to determine how long it takes to get from Point A to Point B.

I look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure that we deal with the issues that their members are facing. Three years later, there were over children registered. Whereas Ursula Johnson, a multidisciplinary artist of Mi’kmaq ancestry, produces powerful works highlighting the relationships among people, nature, and colonialism; and Whereas on October 25th Mi’kmaq artist Ursula Johnson won the prestigious Sobey Art Award in Toronto, a tremendous achievement which highlights the continued tradition of excellence in the Mi’kmaq artistic community; and Whereas by winning the Sobey Art Award, Canada’s most prestigious honour for young contemporary artists, Ursula Johnson has brought great credit to the Province of Nova Scotia, our cultural communities, and indigenous artists across the country; Therefore be it resolved that all members of the House of Assembly proudly recognize Ursula Johnson on winning the Sobey Art Award, and wish her all the best for continued success in her artistic endeavours. I just want to thank everybody and wish them all the best, until we meet again, Mr. I think I will go into the future knowing that there are people being left behind. Without passing these exams, they will not be able to continue to practise medicine here in Nova Scotia. Speaker, I thank the member for the question.


Mike was one of a kind, and we will miss him terribly. Would all those in favour of the motion please say Aye.

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People who make decisions for another adult must do so in the least restrictive and least intrusive way possible. Ken Shorley is certainly a very deserving recipient of the Valley Arts Award and I invite all members of the House of Assembly to join me in congratulating him on receiving that honour. But you have to have a guardian to make all of these other decisions for you that you can’t make.

Speaker, there was no infrastructure tied to that loan. Does the minister believe that this time the offender should serve wov time in an adult jail?

The association consists of four levels ranging in age from four to However, it was no surprise to anyone that he would become a successful hockey player.

I am standing here in anger and, in bineing spirit, I will read you, again, Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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The Jam will be missed. This bill was proceeding through the Private and Local Bills process but because of public advertising requirements it didn’t make the initial meeting of the Private and Local Bills Committee this week. This certainly could not come binidng a better time, with winter just around the corner and the recent announcement that food bank supplies were in increased need.

Chief Hunter has been a valuable community leader, contributing his time and energy to enhancing community public safety and well-being. Again, there was some work in this regard, but it’s important to recognize that the bar for improvement was low.

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Our focus will always be on investing in the capital projects where the highest need is. The honourable member for Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg. We have hired more mental health clinicians.

That was the original term that was given to Acadia, take this money, you can cover your operation, but infrastructure money was given to them. States Parties shall recognize that persons with disabilities enjoy legal capacity on an equal basis with others in all aspects of life.


This is a significant shift for those whose professional work or personal lives are affected by the Act. She has donated quilts and knitwear to daycare centres, infants wvl the IWK, and orphaned children in Africa.

Speaker, I know the amendments that myself dizsertation my colleague from Dartmouth South put forward were very good and I think – not intentionally, but it worked out really well – that strategically there were only a few amendments that really crossed each other.

Speaker, I’d like to recognize Trevor Chow of Hammonds Plains who won his third men’s mid-amateur golf title in July of this year.

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They have two children, Noor and Sarah, both born in Guysborough. The representatives must inform the adult of decisions and encourage their participation in those decisions and they must always consider the adult’s prior instructions, wishes, values, and beliefs when making those decisions.

We do anxiously await their diesertation and, in the meantime, we’ll work with our boards on any specific cases of concern that do arise.

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Media reports today of the physical and emotional abuse of residents of long-term care facilities of course are very disturbing. Speaker, I ask that the members of this House of Assembly join me in congratulating Morgan Barron on his recent commitment to the New York Rangers and wish him the best of luck at Cornell University in dissertatikn freshman year.

We know that we need more educational program assistants in the classroom to support learners with diverse needs. On those points, Mr. Ilsley High, and other schools opened in September with fewer guidance counsellors than they had the previous school year?

There are programmed lights which shift the atmosphere from dawn to dusk within minutes.